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Jude (Lucky #3) [Jude & Isha] by Garrett Leigh

This one was quite an emotional and angsty ride. I wanted to slap both Jude and Isha too many times to count. While I could see them falling in love with one another it was hard seeing how much keeping their hearts as separated as possible was costing both of them. But in the end when push came to shove Isha HAD to act to keep the guy he loves.

We've met Isha Hussain in the first installment. He's Dom's best friend and ex-manager. Though he might act indifferent we've seen him first act, never ask questions later when Dom requested his help, and he was really there for him when he came out. Yet it was never something he felt sharing himself - the fact he is Bi. The only person to know is his ex-wife. She has always been his best friend but they stayed together for the wrong reasons so now it's better for both of them (and their two kids) they are divorced keeping the friendship part only. While Isha IS a good friend to the few he keeps in his circle, he doesn't really allow people to get close to him so it's no wonder once he found Jude it was EXTREMELY difficult for him to open up and later on come out to his friends about his sexuality and relationship with Jude.

Jude Harrison prefers his reptile friends to humans. Mostly. He owns a small reptile shop and mostly stays on the property where he also lives. When Isha arrives at his door step asking him for a birthday party for his 8 years old son he is surprised but accepted happily as he needs all the money he can get. They are both MORE than just surprised when they meet up again that night through a dating app. They decide to follow through on blowing up some steam together even if it's definitely awkward.

Problem is they have a hard time staying away from one another and it doesn't help that the party is a HIT for both his son and younger daughter who seem to fall in love with Jude. For Jude in a way it's more simply - he is who he is.. He enjoys spending time with the kids especially around his reptile friends, and the time he spends with Isha on their own is mind blowing. Yet he wished it was more "real" and less complicated as Isha keeps making it with him being so closeted and also unable to admit his feelings, any feelings really towards Jude. Well, it's not like Jude is making it easy on him. He too isn't used to having feeling AT ALL in a relationship so together with Isha's behavior he isn't sure what or how to do with him.

In a way it's even more complicated with Jude being friends with Rae - who lives together with his partner Cash in the same house Lucky and Dom are living.. Which means he can't even confide in his best friend about what's going on in his life, not wanting to out Isha to his friends if he isn't ready for it..

It's a struggle. A big one. It started as a bit too angty for me, truth be told, but somewhere along the line, like so many of Garrett's books, it became IMPOSSIBLE to put down and I was just turning page after page CAN'T WAIT to see them WORK and truly be together, express their feelings for one another, but for THAT I needed to wait almost to the very end. It was SO worth the ride. 

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30 March 2019

Lucky is a Contemporary MM Romance by Garrett Leigh. Like most of Garrett's series it's not truly a series, the books are all stand alone ones with the MCs being connected to one another.

In the first installment we get Lucky and Dom, in the second, we get Cash (Lucky's roommate) with Rae and the third features Isha (Dom's former agent and best friend) and Jude. Each book can totally be read as a stand alone but take into notice you'll stumble into characters from the previous books so it's always better to start from the beginning :)

I LOVED the first installment, Lucky and Dom seemed like such and unlikely couple yet they worked beautifully, with Cash and Rae's story I had a few issues but it was a solid one as well. The series came to a sweet closure with Jude and Isha's story, bringing all couples together.

1. Lucky [Lucky Coleman & Dominic Ramos] (Published 18 September 2018) ★★★★★
2. Cash [Ciaran "Cash" Walsh & Rae] (Published 22 January 2019) ★★★½
3. Jude [Jude Harrison & Isha Hussain] (Published 24 March 2019)  ★★★★

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