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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Head Over Heels by Serena Bell

~sigh~ I'm upset. I REALLY wanted to love this one but for some reason I just couldn't connect to either character. I loved so many of Serena's books so I really don't know what to say.. How did this happen?

Chase Crayton and Olivia "Liv" Stratten are best friends. They have been for the past 3 years ever since they went on their first date and realized they couldn't BE more different and unmatched. Yet friendship works for them perfectly well! Honestly I don't know why the things either of them listed on that date matters. If there's attraction and they can enjoy spending time together, why does it matter that they so many things that are NOT in common? I think it just means that they would have their own "things" to do while not together. I see it as HEALTHY. Never mind..

So anyhow, Liv had enough of this city. It's how she is.. after staying at a certain place for a while she feels like it's time to find a new place, a bit like the way she moved from foster homes during her childhood. Though none were horrible they still somehow made her the traveler that she is today. She found a great job and now she has two weeks off.

Chase has recently got full custody of his 5 years old daughter after her  mother died. Taking care of her is something he LOVED to do, he is also happy to have her, though he isn't happy her mother is no longer alive. They didn't have a "real" relationship so though he is sorry, he is mostly heart broken for his little kid. Yet he is struggling to find his little girl a nanny while he is at work.. Now that Liv have two weeks off he asks her to take the job just for a while until he figures out what to do..

Living together proves the best thing for all of them. Katie loves her new nanny and the three of them get along great. Maybe TOO great when their attraction becomes impossible to ignore. They are HOT for one another and even though they have less than two weeks until she moves out of town they intend of spending as much time as they can together.

This sounds like a book to cherish but I just couldn't connect to either character. I got to the 56% mark and realized the story felt too "made". I"m not sure how to explain it.. It was somehow to "perfect" at times while being "perfectly" horrible at others. There was just this feeling of everything being too OTT and in all of it, Liv and Chase understood each other - perfectly.. They SAW each other - perfectly and their sex was.. well.. perfect.. I know I"m reading a fictional story but for me, a part of the it is reading something I can relate to and feel like it COULD be real. This one didn't feel like it for me. Even the horrible was perfectly orchestrated somehow. I wanted something. anything, to feel more "gritty" and "messy" but alas, it was all matched so perfectly together I felt I'm reading a sort of commercial.

Sorry Serena. I loved so many of your books in the past and I DO intend on continuing reading your next published works, yet this one just didn't make me feel what I needed it to.


DNF 57% 
Read on:
7-11 July 2018

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