Friday, July 13, 2018

Center of Gravity (Compromised, #1) [Lymond & Daniel] by Charlie Cochet

This short novella was simply AWESOME. I enjoyed it SO MUCH. It started a bit awkward and I wasn't sure about it, then it turned HILARIOUS (when the dogs get into the picture) and I was just hooked.. Charlie - MORE. SOON. PLEASE!

So this is those sweet Valentine novellas but it's so NOT what you'd expect. See, the two MCs are professionals.. One - Lymond - a professional assassin and the other - Daniel - a professional dog walker.. For both the blind date is someone else's doing and yet the app used to match them, or their loved ones, knew exactly what they were doing fixing these two together.

Lymond starts as being a real A-hole but it's just him being skeptical he can actually have anything more than a hook-up considering his occupation. Yet Daniel surprises him in every turn and he is just falling for him by the minute. It's a bit too fast I guess, but I could see what he saw in Daniel and the reason he craved what Daniel was offering, even without real words. For Daniel it's an opportunity to have what his heart desires and for once in his life turn off the high expectations and simply live in the moment and see where it could lead him.

I really enjoyed the interaction between the two and how much FUN this short novella was. It was impossible to put down. Overly sweet and yet funny and engaging enough so I won't pass-out due to a sugar over-dose. Also there's a BIG hint to who the main couple of the next one is going to be.. which I KNOW is going to be as GREAT as this one.

Grab it, you'll finish it in no time and thank me, or rather Charlie, when you're finished. I'm still laughing about the Pomeranian and yeah, the Poodle as well.

This novella was originally published as "The Assassin and the Dog Walker" in the "Heart2Heart" Anthology (which is no longer available). After many requests Charlie decided to not only publish it on it's own but to make a series out of it. Can't wait for the next one - "Silent Call"!

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12 July 2018

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