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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

His Hearth (Warders #1) [Julian & Ryan] by Mary Calmes

This one was VERY disappointing. I don't think I have very good things to say about it but frankly. Yet. it's MY personal preference and it has nothing to do with the quality of the book. The things that made me put this one aside might be the exact ones to make you appreciate it, so as usual read with caution ;)

This novella is a part of a Urban Fantasy series, each book is actually novella length. As this is Mary and I've loved so many of her books in the past (I've read MOST of them) I bought the  compilation of the first three installments in the series. It starts as a regular Contemporary Romance novel and as it seems the Paranormal side of things starts very close to the end (which I haven't gotten to since I DNFed it at 33%).

Julian Nash is our sole POV in this one, like all the people around him, he is successful and good looking (though he doesn't consider himself THAT good looking). Yeah he might have started the evening with the guy he was seeing cheating on him, but it didn't take long for the hunkiest guy he knows to proposition him. They end up eating dinner together as it was Julian's and his partner's promotion party. I didn't like the whole vibe around the issue. First there were FAR too many people introduced, and second all of them were pitch perfect or were absolutely blown with how Julian and his partner are wonderful at what they do. Great for them. I felt like I was intruding on someone else's perfect life simply by reading it.

My other issue was Julian's date for the evening - Ryan Dean. Naturally he was perfect - good looking AND successful and naturally he was floored with Julian - how gorgeous HE is and how good at what he does, giving him and his company EXACTLY what they needed. Now he wants Julian and though he was considered a "player" in the past he assures Julian he is nothing but dead serious about him. How does he show it? By asking him TIME AND TIME AGAIN to come to his apartment with him. It might be a "girl instinct" but frankly, if this was a MF romance or even a scenario in real like there is NO DOUBT Ryan would have been either a serial killer or a rapist. It sounded SO bad to me the way he kept asking Julian to come, trying to convince him even saying they are not going to have sex, he is going to make Julian a desert (?!). For me it was simply too much.

So getting to the second chapter, right around the third of the novella I had enough. Julian and Ryan were getting TOO comfy as it is, shortening each others name and using endearments and all I was thinking was - hey, this is the first time you've interacted outside of work, what's going on?

Yeah. Not for me. Sorry.


DNF 33%
Read on:
2-3 July 2018

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