Thursday, June 28, 2018

Love Me Louder by Christina Lee

It's not like I had any doubt I'm going to LOVE this one. My only problem was, lack of time prevented me from reading the whole thing in one day. This story broke my heart and pieced it up together. Will and Noah were MADE for each other. What they saw in one another is exactly what love stories is made of and made for. The story is told from both Noah and Will which I really enjoyed. They both had their issues and so seeing it from each ones perspective gave this book a really beautifully sensitive feel.

Will Crossen aspires to be an actor, but needing money to pay the bills, mostly his mother's who is dealing with Schizophrenia made him postpone his love for acting in favor of a steady job in retail. He is okay at what he does, but it's not his only occupation. He also works as an escort. Most of his work is keeping company with people who can effort to pay to have their loneliness disappear even if for one night. For Will it's a sort of acting. He doesn't mind it, and the money is good so..

Noah Dixon works at the same place will does, but he LOVES his job in retail. It's what he wants to do in life and he is also really good at it. It's what makes him smile and put himself out there everyday. Will, seeing the cheerful Noah from the side, have his own prejudice about who Noah is, and for Noah, Will is a sort of enigma. He is quiet, barely interacts with the other workers at the shop and doesn't hang out with them after work.

Yet putting them in a different environment would produce totally two different people than what each perceive. Noah does love his job and enjoys it, but he only appears with cloths which hides his huge scar tissue. He is totally self conscious of how un-attractive it is.. and since he is this "average" guy, he feels it's no wonder he will probably spend his whole life on his own.. Will can be actually a fun and easy going guy, but taking care of his mother and his other job prevents him from becoming friends with the guys and gals he works with. It's not personal really..

Just when Noah was wondering how he is going to deal with going to his best friends (secret) engagement party with all the beautiful single men all around him, he stumbles upon the agency Will works in and chance has it, Will turns out to be the man the agency offers even if it puts both in a very uncomfortable spot. But Will doesn't want to turn down the money, and he actually sees Noah needs his help so he accepts though he is still unsure of the whole idea.

Spends a few days in the stunning villa by the sea where Noah's best friend lives with his lover sets the best place for the two to get to know each other. For both the whole experience is a bit confusing.. They are both attracted to one another but Noah is still very insecure about his looks, especially with how gorgeous Will is.. and Will suppose to be on the job and it doesn't FEEL like a job, and it doesn't FEEL like he is being fake anything.. boyfriend OR just friend to Noah. They enjoy each other's company, they open up, they talk about their lives, their secrets and desires, and everything gets even more complicated whenever they think about how limited their time is together and when it's all over with, they are going to get back to working together, but nothing more CAN be a possibility. Especially not for Will who can't be in a relationship when he has so much on his plate at the moment.

There's still a lot for both to deal with once the "vocation" is over and their lives return to it's routine. Yet though everything is the same, it's also different. They're a lot for them to figure out now.. 

I can say so much more about this one. But I really rather not.. I"ll just say I LOVED this book SO MUCH. It was so tender and heart breaking all together. I was with tears in my eyes in so many instances, seeing how both have their plates full with life's difficulties. There's this instance where Tony (Noah's best friend) proposes to his lover Matt, and it makes them both ask one another do they see THAT in their future. It was HEART BREAKING hearing their answers but it was also a bit comforting knowing Christina would make it all work out in the end. Both Noah and Will went through a journey together, from keeping their distance from the world (and each other) to seeing each other in more than just the stereotypes, opening up, sharing, and helping each other with his own burden - Matt giving Noah another perspective to his relationship with his parents from his own point of view as someone who cares for his mother, and Noah cherishing and encouraging Will to do what makes him happy. It was simply beautiful.

We also have sweet and funny guests in this one - Sebastian Clarke and Tate Sullivan (aka "Frieda Love") from "The Hardest Fall" which is also one of my absolute favorite books by Christina so if you haven't read it - YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD! It's a part of a series but can totally be read as a standalone. Frieda actually have a big role in this one, even if she meets the guys for one night.. you'll have to read and see how she does her magic ;)

If I wasn't clear up until this point - this book is a MUST READ!

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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