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Monday, May 21, 2018

Pursued by Cari Z.

I started this book almost a MONTH ago, I don't know if I should even try and blame the book for the fact until yesterday I only read 14% (!) of it.. (the rest I actually finished in one evening) Truthfully I had ZERO time! But one thing I can't deny.. Both Daniel and Reese weren't my favorite characters. Took me long enough for them to "grow on me" I guess.

The world Daniel Hart lives in contains magical abilities and though Daniel isn't a very talented spell caster he has found his calling working in preserving those beautiful and powerful magical artifacts in a way the public can enjoy them. Daniel is an introvert scholar so nothing he has done in his past or who he is prepares him for his meeting with Rhys Daveth (or as he calls him - Reese).

Reese is a shapeshiter, his special abilities allows him and his team to steal the precious artifacts Daniel works so hard everyone would have the chance to enjoy. But their mutual attraction somehow puts their different perspective aside, well, up until a decision has to be made.. one only one of them has to make..

This book was originally published in three parts - Treasured , Shadowed, Reclaimed, The book itself doesn't have chapters, just these three rather equal parts of the story. The first one basically tells how Daniel and Reece met and the beginning of their relationship, the second is about them forming a relationship and Daniel learning about Reese's past and current occupation (though he knew enough when the first one ended) and the last part is where they have to finally deal with their life differences or lose each other.

Truthfully, Daniel was boring. Even his mother thought so. This book being told only from his POV made it redundant at times and left me wishing for a "fast forward" button or maybe a bit from Reese's POV. Yet I had my issues with Reese as well. I didn't get him or his thinking, I didn't get his decision making (especially in the third part). The story does have a sweet and endearing ending and yet it still felt totally unrealistic. No one changes THAT much and THAT fast.

It was an okay read I guess. Some parts were great! (mostly the second - Shadowed which had a lot of action in it), but others were too slow going. Reese was a bit too cocky for my liking and Daniel too passive. I got this book a LONG time ago and now it seems to be out of print / unavailable? Maybe it has to do with all the undercurrents in the publishing world.. don't know..

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26 April - 20 May 2018

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