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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Blonde Date (The Ivy Years #2.5) [Katie Vichery & Andrew Baschnagel] by Sarina Bowen

This is a really sweet novella of "Blonde Katie" - Katie Vickery - we met in the previous book (one of Scarlet's roommates) and Andy - Andrew Baschnagel- Bridger's neighbor. We even finished the previous book hearing the both of them enjoying each other's company from across the wall ;) This short novella is of their first date together.

In the beginning of the previous novel both "Katies" (Blonde and Ponytail) sounded really shallow and uninteresting yet as the book developed and as Scarlet opened up a little we got to see a bit more to the two of them and when Blonde Katie was looking for a date to a sorority thing it was only natural that Scarlet offer her to take Andy, maybe not a Hockey player - a Basketball player - meaning she could hang in his dorm room while Bridger's sister is sound asleep on his room.. 

That's was the background..
when we start this novella we learn that there was more than a bad breakup in Katie's past, something bad happened and she feels that going to that sorority event would be a bad idea because it means she is going to see Dash - her ex, and be ridiculed by him and the guys AGAIN. Even with a date, she is scared to step over the threshold. 

Andy is the "Sweet Guy" the one who could be a girl's best friend maybe but not her date. He is REALLY excited about going out with Katie, he has been thinking about her non-stop since he first saw her in the class they share and his luck is looking bright with Scarlet giving Katie his number. 

With the sweet Andy on Katie's side her luck turns. As they enjoy a good time together she decided to tell him what happened with Dash and he finds a way for her to distract herself from the way she feels (actually quite a cool game!). When they finally go home, she doesn't feel like the loser she felt, she feels confident, enough to lure him to have a little fun with her. Andy is NOT her usual attraction, in so many things but after their evening together she realized she haven't been looking for the right thing.. 

The Epilogue was a sweet surprise. It wasn't what I would have expected and it only helped making this one a 5 star review, it gave us a little insight into something that really made the difference for me, and for the story. While I was a bit annoyed with Andy's insecurity, I guess it made sense and it didn't last that long ;)

Looking disappointingly on my calendar it seems we have TWO whole days  until the third book is released.. (29th September) so I'll be having a small break before I delve into it. CAN'T WAIT. seriously! 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 109 pages, 27 September 2014 / On GoodReads

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