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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Crocus (Bonfires #2) by Amy Lane

What a treat this one was! I LOVED Aaron and Larx in the 1st installment, the way they got together and merge their families was a pleasure to read. This one was no different only we got to see them living together FOR REAL and dealing with life. This time Aaron getting hurt and feeling "useless" while Larx was "playing the hero" and trying to manage their joined household and that without mentioning the problems their kids have and their efforts to solve what they can, together and alone.

If you haven't read the first one - Bonfires - YOU MUST. It's beautifully written second chance romance. Aaron and Larx deserve to get their HEA, both raising kids on their own, now finally finding the time for love. Both are over 40 and though their previous marriage was to women, their second chapter seems to be their true HEA. As it was in the first one when they just got to know each other, in this one also, life gets in the way of their planning. There are new kids who need to be rescued and both Aaron and Larx will do their best to offer help and there's also a personal problem at home with Larx's older daughter Livvy returning home from college not only with child but also dealing with depression. The first seems easier to deal than the second...

I loved getting more of these two and enjoyed getting the "newer" characters like Jaime and his brother Berto. They had a very sad story of their own but together they found a way to make it work, also with the help of Livvy and the father of her baby - Elton they somehow find themselves helping one another.

My only complaint is me being a little bit of a b%#(* hehe Since English isn't my native tongue I'll admit I didn't know what Crocus means.. So about half way through I looked it up and - CRINGED.  I HATE this herb. I can't even stand the color. When I see it in food I'm reluctant to even consider eating it. And even though there's a perfectly good explanation for the name later on in the book I CAN'T. Oh Amy, why would you do this to me? WHY OH WHY call SUCH a beautiful book with this yellow annoying herb? ~sigh~
Rant over. Had to get it out. Sorry. I'm done now.

I can say so much more! But I really rather not! I loved this one as well as the first one. I truly hope we'll get another one as well! I can see Larx and Aaron's lives getting twisted and complex with so many more adventure and things for them to deal with but also their love and devotion for one another staying perfectly the same.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, but MUST be read after the first - wonderful - installment.

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21-25 April 2018

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