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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Beta Test (#gaymers #2) [Tristan & Ravi] by Annabeth Albert

I enjoyed this one, but I gotta say it took me time to warm up to both characters. Ravi and Tristan are more than opposites they also dislike each other, it's a turf I have an issue with. When you spend time mocking someone turning upside down to loving them? it could happen but me personally I might keep a sort of a grudge.. just saying..

Tristan and Ravi started working at "Space Villager", a company developing an online role playing game. They couldn't be more different and not only because they come from a different background professionally, Ravi being a graphic designer and Tristan from accounting.  Ravi an open gay extrovert, always surrounded by friends and Tristan who couldn't be more introverted and also a closeted gay.. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

New Status Needed (#gaymers, #1.5) [Adrian & Noah] by Annabeth Albert

This was a sweet short novella, the cover is a huge spoiler.. It's not a "turf" I care for but getting more of this cute couple was a sweet bonus. Adrian and Noah have been a couple for a few years now (though Annabeth doesn't specify exactly how many) and they are about to experience a VERY special moment in their lives. 

Status Update (#gaymers, #1) [Adrian & Noah] by Annabeth Albert

This was SO sweet and beyond that, it was such a touching story. I was waiting for Noah and Adrian to find a way to truly keep each other and I gotta tell you - it wasn't easy!

I haven't been reading lately. Too much on my mind and very little time to just relax with a book so in a way I "made" myself sit down. Didn't know what to expect because I forgot to read the synopsis and since I haven't read any book by Annabeth I was totally going blind on this one and I was just HOOKED! Realizing Noah was living in a Motorhome was such a funny surprise as I've been investigating the subject lately. I wish I could connect with Noah if only to get his input on the matter hehe 

Noah have been living a very solitary and conservative life. He is a professor in a Catholic College, at the moment at a sabbatical struggling to finish an academic book. His only true connection is with his dog Ulysses. He won't admit to being lonely but he is. When Adrian sort of stumbles into his life he is the EXACT thing he needed. It's more than just companionship it's a chance at love, something he vowed to reject, living his life in solitude. 

Monday, March 5, 2018

Change of Heart (Change of Heart #1) by Mary Calmes

My issue with this book is something you either REALLY mind or you don't. If I had to name it using just one word I think "destiny" might help out but it's not just it.. Reading PNR books you are usually presented with a lot of situations in which people are "destined" to be together and so their attraction is either OTT or there's this "click" between them they can't shut off and here they are - a couple. While I CAN accept that in PNR books to some extent I don't like it. Heck, the MC in this book doesn't like the idea of being stuck with someone because that's how the "laws of attraction" works so why should I?

Jin Rayne is a werepanther but he's not just ANY werepanther, he is destined to mate with a pack leader (there's a special name for that "destined job"). That's is quite bizarre considering he is male and pack leaders is male "job". What kind of pack leader would want a man for a mate? Jin does his best to avoid any pack leader not only to NOT stumble upon his destined mate but also because he has a certain appeal because of his special "destiny" that makes him likeable to right around anyone who meets him (human or shifter). Though it's nice having most of everyone on your side it felt a bit "staged" and very "fake". While Jin was trying his best to stay in the side lines, wherever he goes people just want him to stay and almost worship his strange appeal. When meeting other shifters with other "destinies" (other "jobs") it become a little unbearable for me. I understand that shifters are not a real thing.. but I would like the story at least to feel realistic somehow. Alas, it wasn't.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

March Reading List

March symbols the beginning of Spring, a new circle, new beginning. I'm starting to get used to my "new" schedule this year, but there are still so many things to work on and improve. I'm dreaming of a better tomorrow, or rather a better year, with plans and hopes I truly wish would come to pass. 

I wish you - whomever is reading this - the best Spring ever and hope and wish for the time and the right kind of piece of mind to enjoy as many books as possible. 

I always have too many books on my list. This month won't be any different. I plan for the best, but mostly I find myself putting aside ones I couldn't find the time to read or books I would rather put aside than finish. I just hope that the ones I DO read would be GREAT ones. 

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