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Blue Blooded (Lord and Lady Hetheridge #5) by Emma Jameson

Though these kind of mystery novels aren't my usual go-to, Emma sure is! I SO enjoyed this book. I LOVE Emma's writing, the way a serious situation can always become hilarious with the right inner joke. Tony and Kate are great together. Their interactions are so sweet to read. Though this book and series in general isn't ABOUT romance, they are still, as a couple, the main focus of the story.

It's been a while since the last book. A few DAYS before this book was sneaked released on me I told my brother I miss this series and there is no telling when the next one would turn up. Well, it's here and it was as wonderful as I remember the previous ones to be, only the setting is a bit different since Tony isn't working for the police anymore.. He is trying to build himself a career as a PI, which turns out to be a lot alike and also a lot different than his previous job. Kaye and Paul are still working at the police, now under Jackson whom they both loathed, yet Jackson turns out as an okay guy I have to admit (it helps that every scene with him somehow turns to be funny on his expanse hehe). 

Tony finds a case to solve - a missing person. But the parents seems to hold too many truths to themselves and the fact Sir Duncan is involved AGAIN doesn't bode well.. Kate and Paul's investigation seems to cross paths if only for the fact that it too has to do with Sir Duncan so the question is how to connect all the dots and also how to catch him this time around. 

I loved getting Paul's POV as well. He had such a tough time with everything that happened to him in the previous novels. he deserves a break, or rather a winning, as both Tony and Kate realize. But right now, the police is more likely to take him off the field entirely than promoting him as he SO wishes. It was difficult to read, I felt so sorry for him, for everything that happened that brought him to this place. But in the end he proves to himself and everyone what he's worth which was truly heart lifting to read. 

Another POV we got was Henry (Kate's nephew). It was actually really interesting getting his side of things especially as his mother and aunt are at a battle of custody for him. He is in a very difficult place. He wants to give his mother a chance but he also loves Kate and Tony and enjoy his life with them. I also really loved the way the story concluded on this issue as well, with a strange connection between the mystery part to Kate and Maura's past. Unlike the mystery which ended horrific, for Kate and Maura there is still a chance. 

I don't want to say more because really there is no need. Kate and Tony are awesome together, but also with their extended family and friends. This book held me at the edge of my seat especially near the end when everything seems to EXPLODE. I was barely holding myself together with everything that was going on and the risk EVERYONE was put in. 

I love the world Emma has created and I'm happy that on the very last page Emma promises us MORE, but not in the very near future (working on 'Dr Benjamin Bones' currently which I have to finish up actually!) If you're into British Mysteries, this one is for you! If you're into British humor - also! But even if not, I really suggest you give this one a go. My only reason for reducing half a star is me being frustrated with so many abbreviations and reference for things I have NO CLUE what they mean. It surely has to do with the fact I'm not British.. But I do wish we'd get some kind of a "dictionary" or footnotes to what would be basic for anyone from the UK but is totally unknown to anyone outside it.

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29-31 March 2018

Lord and Lady Hetheridge is a Mystery / Romantic Suspense (MF) series by Emma Jameson (who also writes as T. Baggins / S.A. Reid). The series follows Detective Sergeant Kate Wakefield and Chief Superintendent of New Scotland Yard Anthony (Tony) Hetheridge, the 9th Baron of Wellegrave. They couldn't be more surprised with how much they fit together as partners but that's not the only thing out there for them, you'll just need to be patient with them to get there on their own time. The romance is a very small part of the story. It's mostly about the mystery - Blue Blood murders. Detective Sergeant Deepal "Paul" Bahr was Tony's previous (singular) partner, now joined with Kate they form a great team. I love that we get his POV as well - he is HILARIOUS. 

Though this is a mystery series there is still a significant part about Tony and Kate's lives (mostly Kate's family). I really like the feel of this series. It's not JUST mystery as this isn't my "go to" genre, it's not really romance but it's laced with a wonderful couple and I really enjoy their interaction and the progression of their relationship (as a couple but also as "partners" in the police force and later on outside of it as well). Both Kate and Tony in a way stay the same while changing quite a bit - together and on their own. The family and friends add to make it more relatable, especially with each installments getting to see where each one of them are.  

Trying to say this series has it all!

1. Ice Blue (Published 3 March 2011) ½
2. Blue Murder (Published 24 June 2012) 
3. Something Blue (Published 22 May 2012) 
4. Black & Blue (Published 11 May 2015) 
5. Blue Blooded (Published 25 February 2018) ½
6. Blue Christmas (Published 24 December 2019) ½ 

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