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Connection Error (#gaymers #3) [Josiah & Ryan] by Annabeth Albert

I literally read this book in one sitting. It was simply OUTSTANDING! and not only because of the sensitive issue it tackles.. but mostly because if you told me a bit about the two MCs in advance I wouldn't see any way these two could connect, and yet, they were simply perfect for one another. It's not the "opposite attract" as we had in the previous one, it's what ACCEPTANCE is made of. These two just got each other and accepted the "limitations" they each had, the seen and unseen ones. After that SO MUCH is possible. 

We've met Josiah Simmons in the previous installment. He is the jumpy ADHD guy. He is sweet and endearing, have some sort of a crush on someone at the office but he is mostly someone to have fun with, enjoy a LAN party. It's very hard to take him seriously, on the job and off the job though he is very good at what he does. Which is why he is now appointed team leader and has to travel to Germany to meet some of his new team. Things SHOULD have gone perfectly, or so he hoped, but it all started with one grammatical error..

Ryan Orson is flying back to his rehab facility after a home visit. Things have been difficult for the past 4 months but he is determined to go back to the life he has build for himself for the last 10 years as a US Navy SEAL. He isn't the guy to wallow in grief, yeah he got injured, but this is what rehab is for. He didn't think much when he met Josiah on his flight to LA. It's not only that he isn't his type, after what he went through with his ex, he isn't looking for anything serious. Lucky for him, Josiah doesn't do serious, and when they are stranded in LA unable to continue to their destinations they mutually agree to spend the night gaming, naturally :)

Ryan enjoyed Josiah's company though he didn't expect to, after Josiah accidentally leaves one of his laptops behind he finds himself messaging him and from there a friendship is built. One neither expected. They are both attracted to one another. Josiah brought it up A LOT even if Ryan feels insecure in his current state which makes him reluctant to admit to anything to Josiah. The friendship lasts and not only that it deepens. For each of them having someone to unburden is simply a blessing, and sometimes it's even fun just to relax and enjoy a game together. 

Yet they share more than just friendship with each other even if most of it is through Skype. Things change, and when they meet again when Josiah returns from Germany, they both yearn for more. Yet a long distance relationship isn't something Ryan is interested in, and Josiah is frustrated with the mental distance Ryan puts between them. It's not that HE is so forthcoming with his feelings.. But he still wishes Ryan would actually say his true wants and feelings. 

There are a lot of layers to this one. The growth they go through. For Josiah in his job, learning to be a leader to his team, for Ryan it's learning about true companionship and deal differently with the challenges in his life - open up to people, be able to not only plan long term but look at the present and appreciate what he has now. Ryan's story broke my heart. I had a vision of how this one is going to end and it wasn't what I had in mind at all.. I saw Ryan's vision, not Annabeth's - who gave us a true genuine story. 

I can say so much more about this book but I rather not. It's simply AMAZING and I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you read it! You should probably start with the first one, but even if you don't I think you can enjoy this one on it's own.

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#Gaymers is a Contemporary MM Romance series by Annabeth Albert. The series centers around at least one worker/developer of "Space Villager" an online role playing game. They are beautifully written, emotional yet not too angsty. The connection between the characters, the relationship buildup is a JOY to read. Each deals with life in a very genuine way, the 3rd one blew me away especially having a "crippled" MC, not only as a fact, but the whole way he and his love interest were dealing with the subject BEAUTIFUL beyond words. Yep, HIGHLY recommend ALL of them. 

All the short novellas "in between" are free reads. Grab them through Prolific Works.
I DON'T recommend reading ANY of the novellas without reading the book before (of the MC). It's written as a sweet glimpse into that couples' future. The books though I don't think it's a MUST to read by order though it always makes more sense this way.

The third and fourth installments are somewhat connected to Annabeth's "Out Of Uniform" series which is SUPERB!

1. Status Update [Adrian Gottlieb & Noah Walters] (Published 7 December 2015)
1.5 New Status Needed [Adrian Gottlieb & Noah Walters] (Published September 2016)
2. Beta Test [Ravi Tandel & Tristan Jones] (Published 30 May 2016) ★★★★ 
2.5 Holiday Escape [Ravi Tandel & Tristan Jones] (Published December 2017)
3. Connection Error [Josiah Simmons & Ryan Orson] (Published 5 September 2016)  
3.5 Love Connection [Josiah Simmons & Ryan Orson] (Published April 2017)
3.6 Tease Me [Josiah Simmons & Ryan Orson] (Published 1 April 2019)
4. Level Up [Landon & Bailey Morgan] (Published 17 May 2018)   

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