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Monday, September 11, 2017

Temporary by Sarina Bowen & Sarah Mayberry

Beautiful! SO SO beautiful! Sarina and Sarah were perfect together as were the two MCs - Callan and Grace. The story that brought these two together was so touching. Callan lost his uncle, the one constant in his life who made him the person he is today, but his mother is determined to delete all his doing by getting rid of everything he owned and everything he stood for by disposing of his belongings. She uses Grace, a temp at the New York offices to do that job. Yet even though Jack wasn't alive anymore he WAS alive throughout Callan's memories and through his house who is the main setting of the book. I felt connected to Jack even though he wasn't even there. I shed a tear at his eulogy and was heart broken for him many times. I feel as though I WISH I actually "met" him and I have a feeling Grace feels exactly the same. 

Grace Kerrington isn't in the greatest place at the moment, being the sole parent of a 15 years old when she is only 25 isn't easy especially since she doesn't have a "real" job even though she finished her business degree. She loves her sister Olivia but it's not easy taking care of the both of them when she can barely make it on her own which is why she PRAYS that the temporary job at "Walker Holdings" will become permanent. She has the perfect opportunity to show her worth when the CEO of the company asks her to deal with the evaluation of her late brother's possessions.

Entering Jack Walker's house Grace meets Callan Walker. They aren't impressed by one another, their first impression is more about what they expected to find rather than who they actually are. Callan is devastated by his uncle's death but he doesn't offer Grace help out of the goodness of his heart.. no.. he is looking for a newer version of his uncle's will, one that would keep his mother's claws out of his uncle's belonging and allow him to act upon the wishes he KNOWS Jack had for his possessions in case anything happened to him. Grace NEEDS this job and she needs to excel in it so Callan is mostly an unwanted distraction with his ulterior motives (she knows he probably has), his good looks and his Aussie accent. 

Callan grew up in Australia by a very cold mother. He has an okay relationship with his sister though they don't get along now that he chose to leave the family and travel all over the world and basically have fun (with no commitment.. to the family or to their company), the only one who took care of him, who was like a father figure to him was Jack. Jack also defied the family first by being gay which was considered an "embarrassment" to the family, and second for choosing a different life style in the far away New York. Jack was a very colorful personal but he was also very compassionate and generous donating money to charities and trying to help out those of unfortunate background (unlike himself). He loved art and wine and managed to establish himself as an importer of wine. For Callan he represented goodness, love and commitment. Losing him was like losing a part of himself but it was also a reminder to take action and BE the person he CAN be and maybe SHOULD be. Not just the hedonistic bachelor (he is already tired of being).

Callan and Grace come from different worlds yet they have their own similarities and passions when it comes to how they see their own future. Grace can't trust Callan, she knows better, he might be fun and flirty but what he is not - is the kind of guy to stick around the life she is living. Callan would want more from Grace but it's been too long since he made himself vulnerable in front of a woman, and before he knows it, he realizes he isn't making the impression he wishes, not one that would make Grace BELIEVE in him and TRUST him. He is too stuck on the things HE wants and he misses her and hurts her without realizing it. Yet Grace is the best thing that happened to him, he NEEDS to make her see him and his true feelings and Grace needs to actually give him a chance and not just assume the worse like she is used to by her past's disappointments. 

Their chemistry was off the roof! (yet not ON the roof.. the roof was reserved for something else...). They both couldn't keep their hands or lips from one another which made it more difficult for Grace - she has a mission, yet she had needs as well, and Callan is much more than meets the eye. Everyday they spent together she sees a different side of him, ones that made it difficult for her to resist his charm. Though the charm wasn't what impressed her it was his good heart. For Callan, Grace's heart was the one thing that was obvious almost from the start. She didn't trust him or know his motives, but she was there for him because she was a genuinely good person. She COULDN'T stay away when she could see his pain which made her totally irresistible for him. It was the one thing that was always missing in his life.

I can probably go on for at least twice as much as I've already written but I think it's better that I don't.. I'll leave you to grab this book yourself and enjoy it as much as I did. It was a beautiful and emotional ride. Yet not OVER emotional. It was well balanced between the two POVs giving us the whole story and even a glimpse into a second novel I REALLY hope Sarina and Sarah write SOON. 


I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 

This book is out TOMORROW 12 September 2017Pre-Order / Grab it now through the links below.

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