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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Where You Lead by Mary Calmes

Though short this was actually a sweet short novella. Our MCs are already a formed couple their issue is more than the usual "taking a step up" in their relationship since Carver needs to return home to his sleepy little town of Colt after his mother suffered a stroke and needs help taking care of. Question is, what would Pete do? Stay in Chicago or follow the love of his life home. 

This short novella was told solely from Peter Lomax's POV. He works as an ATF agent, loves his partner at the job and though he and his boyfriend Carver Fleming has  been going out for 6 months it's obvious for the both of them it's "it" for them. They are both in their mid 30s, it's time to settle down. Things is, what Carver throws at him sounds a little too much to handle.. 

Carver and Pete travel to the small town in which Carver grew up, gets to meet not only his boyfriends' parents but almost the whole freaking town! He doesn't have any connections to his own family so he isn't sure about tying himself to Carver's but as he spends time with them and with Carver as well he realizes it's not brainer really. 

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11 September 2017

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