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Monday, September 11, 2017

Play On (Glasgow Lads, #0.5) by Avery Cockburn

Something didn't work for me in this one. It might be the Scottish jargon I was unfamiliar with, which "helped" with me not really getting the two MCs. There's an undercurrent of events that happened in Duncan's soccer team and though it was explained I couldn't care for the team because I didn't know them and Duncan was just sulking around about it. Brodie seemed too fragile for my liking and mostly too defensive. I didn't like that things was explained LATER rather than NOW, on too many accounts. What happened between the two of them (still not sure at 35%), what happened with the team, what's the issue with a LGBT soccer team and what does it mean? What happened to Brodie to make him hate athletes. I would have loved for ONE straight answer throughout this short novella. 

Duncan Harris and Brodie Cambell are roommates but things changed between them with a session of hot kisses. Both want to continue where they stopped but each thinking the other isn't interested. When Brodie comes home from the holidays sick, Duncan does his best to care for him. I think I would have enjoyed the banter better if I understood the jargon, it made it difficult for me to connect with them. I'll admit I also (like Brodie) dislike Soccer. I see it as a stupid game (even when I tried REALLY hard to get it years ago when my BF at the time was a hard core fan). 

So I guess this one wasn't for me. It might be for you if you want to read a college soccer MM romance novel(s). I was lost basically. At 35% I decided to let it go. This series has quit the high rating so I guess it IS me and not the book itself. 


DNF 35%
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10 September 2017

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