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Monday, September 4, 2017

Romanus (Romanus #1) by Mary Calmes

A very detailed short novella. I"m really happy this is part one, with part two "Chevalier" concluding the story because it would really be a shame not to get more of this very detailed world. I've read many reviews describing this one as "confusing" but I think if you are used to reading Paranormal Romance novels you'll get this one - no problem! It's actually quite amazing HOW MUCH we get of the world building in such a short story which naturally also includes romance, though be advised it's almost an "insta-love" or rather "insta-lust" (which is quite common in PNR). 

Mason James is returning from a double shift of his job as a firefighter, dog-tired yet manages to still be coherent enough to notice the old naked guy on the side of the road. Helping him out he brings him back "home". Arriving there he finds a very strange gathering of people, too many of them naked. Since he is so tired in the end he agrees to stay to catch a bit of sleep. When his eyes fall upon Luc Toussaint he is thunder struck by how beautiful he is, and how attracted he is to him. He feels drawn to him like he never has before. Luc somehow feels humbled by Mason's behavior and keeps expecting Mason to push him aside.

Mason and Luc mostly connect physically. There is something that draws them together. Also for Mason it's the first time that sleeping with a guy doesn't result with the guy obsessing over him in a psychotic way. He feels SAFE with Luc, and Luc enjoys the attention and dare hope that after Mason actually SEES him for who and what he is, he will still want to keep him. 

Basically, that's the "human" side of the story. The more complicated one is who are those group of people, and why do they keep calling Mason "Romanus"? What that even mean? Luc does his best to explain and make Mason see why "his people" are so happy he has come! Yet not everyone is thrilled about it which means he might be in danger!

While it was rather short and very informative I enjoyed it, it flowed really well though it does have a strange "dreamy" feel for quiet a long time since Mason is our sole POV and he is quite confused with the things he witnesses. I"m interested to see where Mary takes this one in the concluding novella- "Chevalier"

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