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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Something Blue (Lord and Lady Hetheridge #3) by Emma Jameson

Another great installment in the series. Loved how well it flows, how witty it is, and in general easy to read. Though it's not THAT easy for me, because some of the British nuances are lost on me.. Though it doesn't discourage me anymore :) I just take it as it is. 

Like the previous one, we got 3 POVs, Tony, Kate and Paul (Bahr). Paul's POV adds another layer to the crime solving, and since Tony and Kate's romance takes a very small part, it really doesn't interfere with anything really, it's just perfectly balanced. I really hope Paul will get his own HEA - he SO deserves it!

As usual, we start the book with a murder for Tony's team to investigate. This time it's an American "oil lord" who stayed in London. There is a lot of controversy about this guy because of an oil leak he had caused. In the cast of many enemies he might have, there's also infamous Sir Duncan - All three would LOVE to find him as the killer but there has to be some SIGNIFICANT evidence for THAT to happen which isn't easy with someone like him.. There are a lot of colorful and interesting people for the team to investigate (mostly the two so very different girlfriends of the deceased..). Yet be warned - this book doesn't end with a full closure, there are some things left for the next installments.. I wasn't very pleased with it, but I also understood why it had to play this way. 

We get more of Kate's family - her brother and nephew, trying to build a life together as a family now that Kate and Tony are getting married. There are also some other characters who aren't pleased with this reunion and so these two suffer a bit before they can tie the knot. Also, someone at the station is doing SOMETHING they shouldn't, because Tony has his superior breathing at his neck at ALL times, even when it doesn't make any sense. I have an idea who THAT would be, but I wonder about the motive, or rather, if it's more complicated than simple hatred. 

The romantic part is very small, as was with the previous two, but now that they are a true couple seeing them working together as more than a team was very endearing. They work well together - in and outside the job. They somehow complete each other - so very different, yet somehow great together. They come from different worlds yet what matters is only how much they mean to each other, and how much being together affected them and made them more complete and content. 

At the moment there is only one installment left in the series, but there's a 5th one in the making which I'm so happy about! Though this is clearly not my go-to genre, I love my time spent with Tony, Kate and Paul and getting more feels like a treat :)

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