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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Nothing Ventured by Jay Northcote

LOVED this one! What a sweet endearing story! I had this one on my list for WAY too long, but as I had to reschedule so many books, this one got postponed as well, but I"m telling you now, I"m going to visit Jay's page on GR and add MORE! 

Matt and Aiden meet through Matt's cousin Liv, she arranged a group to participate in "Mad Mucker" (lets call it a "crazy race", shall we?). Aiden isn't enthusiastic about it, until he gets assigned to train with the gorgeous Matt. Though he didn't anticipate it, he enjoys his time with Matt, he might be a "drill Sargent", yet Aiden is getting better, and his body is looking far better as well. But that's not the only reason...

Aiden and Matt train weeks together, during that time their relationship changes.. At the beginning, Aiden thought Matt was straight but it became obvious he is bisexual, yet closeted about the "gay part". Aiden had one relationship and it was enough for him, not to mention his family isn't a good example for lasting relationships, so he's totally fine with "no strings attached".  

Yet somehow along the way they started to have feelings for one another. We get Aiden's struggles, but though we don't get Matt's POV his behavior is telling enough on how unsure he is of the whole situation. The progression of their relationship kept me on my toes, looking for signs from both of them, trying to guess what it all means. 

I loved everything about this novel, the way the relationship progressed, though WEEKS of meeting to run and exercise at the gym. They start to spend more time together (at first mostly for sex..). It felt SO realistic. It was a kind of strangers-to-friends with the next step of friends-to-lovers. It was great! The steamy parts were HOT. They have an amazing chemistry but not only that, through these scenes we can see the little changes, the small gestures, the feelings though unwanted by both break through the surface. 

What a great read! It's quite short, I guess somewhere between a novella and a full length novel yet it had everything I could have asked for with low angst and a story that made me appreciate how much I'm struggling to hold unto my workout routine ;) 

Go ahead and grab it! SO worth it! :)

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25-27 July 2017

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