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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Manny Get Your Guy (The Mannies #2) [Taylor & Brandon] by Amy Lane

I don't really know what to say, somehow though I rooted for these two I had a hard time with the way the relationship progressed. Taylor and Brandon started hating each other on sight, though both felt the desire under the surface, in a day flat, when Brandon realizes he's being a douche he more than apologizes, he grabs Taylor for the taking and he won't take no for an answer.

We've met most of the characters in this one in the previous installment. Taylor was Nica's best friend, the one she wanted so much more with but realized too late that though they ARE best friends, they could never be more because Taylor is absolutely and totally gay. Heart broken she falls into Jacob's arms and now, 10 years later they are about to have their 5th kid. That's A LOT - even they realize it so they ask for Taylor's help in being the Manny - like Tino, Nica's brother was to Channing. Don't worry we meet these two as well as Sammy.

Taylor Cochran is a little freaked out but he is also relieved, he doesn't have any connection with his abusive family and Nica and Tino were all he had for YEARS. Now, after servicing in the military and coming back quite damaged he wants to rebuild his life. 

Brandon Grayson jaw drops when he sees Taylor for the first time. The attraction mixed with the "no nonsense" vibe he gets makes him act like a douche, not believing this rough around the edges guy can be the Manny for his cousin Nica who means the world to him (Jacob and the kids included). He too has a difficult relationship with his family and has been living with Jacob and Nica for 2 years during his studies. 

I liked Taylor. He totally redeemed himself to me. He was wounded but not just in the physical sense. He needed someone who would love him unconditionally, someone who will see him and care for him but that's not something he is used to so he tries to resists Brandon's attempts though it's not easy with how much he is attracted to him as well. 

I did and didn't like the interaction between the two. There was hot-cold at the beginning that totally threw me off, but then it worked out in the end and I LOVED seeing them together. Brandon is SUCH a loving and caring guy, he was EXACTLY what Taylor needed. 

I think it was just too short? I mean, if it was longer, maybe the beginning would have made more sense to me which is why this book mostly felt like a 4 star kinda book. Yet when we started getting more of Brandon's family I got annoyed. I mean, in a way it was just so damn realistic! I don't think that anything else would have been as believable but because of that I wasn't sure why we got the whole interaction. I really wanted to see something else than what he did. For the better OR the worse but it somehow didn't deliver. I usually love Amy's books so I'm not sure what happened with this one. I gotta say, I have a feeling I know who the next one is going to be about and I CAN'T WAIT! 

One last thing - Don't be discouraged about the fact Taylor is the Manny of 4 kids, I was a bit worried at the beginning, but as the story progressed it was obvious they were just the background and not the main issue which was great.

Check out the first installment in the series "The Virgin Manny" it's as cute and sweet as it sounds and you'll get introduced to most of the characters in this one before they met and built the families we see in this one. 

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8 July 2017

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