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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Judgment by Mary Calmes

I'm not a big fan of Science Fiction, it's not the genre's fault - it's mine. I somehow lack the necessary imagination to understand what THE HELL is going on. Funny enough it works WONDERFULLY for me in any Fantasy world (NOT set in the future). Yet I've read one adorable story from "Time in Eternity" Anthology (Do Over by Amy Lane) and so when I saw the same cover on this one, I had to give it a go. 

First off, I'll say that I DID understand what the hell was going on, I thought that in this aspect the setting was well explained, surely for a 50 page novella. We got a little glimpse into Jeritt and Frost's relationship, how it started and how involved they are now, years later, also as working partners. The beginning of their relationship was a bit rushed, I didn't get why it has to be this way.. It was a little too OTT for me. 

The story itself (told solely from Jeritt's POV) is of him and Frost going back in time trying to bring back Jeritt's old partner who disappeared into time. Since basically he deserted his chances of living out his sentence is slim but Jeritt wants to understand what happened, what made Brekin stop in a certain place in time (where he can also be found easily) not returning to his "job". Yet once Jeritt finally meets Brekin his behaviour puts everyone's lives in danger, so now he has to do everything he can to fix it. I liked the way he acted after that big "collision" and how he made everything work though I thought there was something a bit tacky about his realizations and how he changed his mind and what he was planning to do now. Also it left us hanging in there because we can't know if his future actions will actually be successful. That left a little bit of bitter taste in my mouth. 

All in all a nice short futuristic novella. I wish it was longer and more detailed so I could see more development in relationships - Jeritt and Frost and especially Brekin and Jeritt, both past and present.  

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9-11 July 2017

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