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Rookie Move (Brooklyn Bruisers #1) [Leo & Georgia] by Sarina Bowen

I LOVED this one! Made me really miss the "Ivy Years" series as well. Yet it WAS different because the whole setting wasn't the same (mostly not in college anymore..). I was really excited about this one, from when I heard it's going to be of Leo and Georgia. We've met/heard of them in the Ivy Years, Leo was mostly known as "Trevi" back there, he is also DJ's brother (the MC in the "Fifteenth Minute"), who is also a friend of Georgia so we've actually got a glimpse of Leo and Georgia's past. But it you haven't read the "Ivy Years" and so I'm talking nonsense here, don't feel bad, you really don't need to read anything before this one. Though I DO highly recommend the "Ivy Years", it's not a must for this series. 

So what we knew of Leo and Georgia was they dates in high school, the had a serious relationship, the kind that last forever, yet after Georgia was raped things changed. Leo doesn't know what made Georgia break up with him, he did the best he could, he was there for her, he didn't pressure her, he held her, tried bringing her little things to make her happy but a little before graduation it was over. Georgia dumped Leo and they separated to different colleges. We know the basics of this from DJ's book, because though Leo and Georgia haven't spoken for the past 6 years, she and DJ had a different kind of relationship which actually lasted through the difficult breakup. 

6 years later, Leo and Georgia are back in Brooklyn. She works in the PR department of the "Brooklyn Bruisers" NHL team and guess who's the new recruit? Yep, it's Leo Trevi, but not only that, there's a new coach as well - her father.. the one who can't stand Leo though she really doesn't know why and talking about that horrible year is something they simply don't do. 
Georgia couldn't be more cold (and professional?) when first she and Leo meet, and yet his first Rookie Move is to say (too close to a microphone) she is the love of his life. Georgia doesn't know where to bury herself, being in PR doesn't mean she should be IN the news.. she is embarrassed and confused. Everything Leo says and does seems to be oriented to getting her back, but Georgia knows how life is, you don't always get what you want. She had her reasons for pushing Leo away, she might have been wrong in her reasoning but they were both very young and didn't really know how to deal with what happened. Very near the ending there was a beautiful scene in which Georgia understands that though she was the one who got hurt, the time they spend afterwards was very difficult to the two men in her life who never left her side - her father and boyfriend. Being in the state that she was, it's natural she wasn't seeing the impact it had on both of them, but 6 years later in a rare moment of confrontation the three of them get to actually say what they needed to say and acknowledge that they all went through a traumatic time. 

This book was simply beautiful, I could go on forever about how much I loved both of them, of how GENUINE the are. Though Leo is the prefect boyfriend material, he isn't perfect, and Georgia did her mistakes and she is also dealing with the aftermath of her breakup from the man she never stopped loving not to mention dealing with the fear she never used to feel due to her rape. She was always bold and fearless and inside she knows she's not the same anymore. 

In the background of their romance there's the sword of her father trading Leo for another player, breaking them apart before they even got back together, and also both of them dealing with their job.. For Georgia it's managing the PR now that her supervisor left and she isn't sure what would become of her position, and for Leo it's playing for a new team with a coach who hates his guts (though he can't figure out why!). Things aren't going smooth for both of them, so reaching for one another seems like the best and worst decision. 

I enjoyed getting to know a little bit of the team, I'm excited for the next one of the team's captain O'Doul, he sounds like a really interesting guy. He and Leo had their differences right from the start and yet, it was somehow always obvious there is more to O'Doul that meets the eye. I really liked Silas as well, mostly I felt sorry for him, wonder what would become of him. Also I'm REALLY interested to know if there is something brewing with Becca (Georgia's best friend) and Nathan (their boss). HE sounds like an interesting guy as well! 

I read this book in two days, mostly because life got in my way, whenever I sat to read, I gulped the book, stopping only when I must, and actually I finished the book on 4 AM in the morning (lucky it's the weekend.. ;))  

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this one, as well as the "Ivy Years" series, which is more of a New Adult, this one being somewhere between Contemporary and New Adult. Also everything else by Sarina is amazing, everything she writes is gold <3 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 336 pages, 27-29 October 2016 / On GoodReads
Once upon a time Sarina Bowen built one hell of an imaginary College, it has been a true pleasure graduating with wonderful new couples in the Ivy Years, but the guys (and gals) have graduated though they never stopped playing their favorite sports - Hockey. So when we met the all grown up Trevi he is now a new player in the "Brooklyn Bruisers" NHL team. The series continues to follow the other members of the team (old and new) and it's an absolute SUPERB, fun, sexy and engaging series.

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