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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Morning Side of Dawn (Holt #3) [Cassie & Dar] by Justine Davis

Maybe it's just not my day? This is the second book I'm putting down today.. and I can't say there is anything around here that annoys me or anything.. It's a rather relaxed Saturday, nothing special to do, it's cold outside so sitting at home with a book was everything I could wish for. 

I don't have any real problem with the book actually. I have nothing against either Cassie or Dar - the main heroes. I just don't feel any "pull" toward them. Cassie is a super model who wants a break especially since there is a stalker who messes with her head and Dar, well, he is our overly tormented hero. What he mainly does is brood. It's not very compelling, it's not even that annoying since I guess he has his reasons - an accident making him cripple for life. Yet he is mostly a busy guy, competing with is wheel chair in races, building hand made chairs for other people. He isn't sitting at home feeling sorry for himself, yet in a way he does. He shuns any social life except for Sean (Stevie's brother) and Chase (Stevie's husband and also Cassie's brother), this is how she met him - on Sean's wedding (taking place in the second installment I haven't read and not planning on..)

I read great review of this one, and since it does talk about a hero in a wheelchair I totally get the appeal of reading something different yet the plot was kind of tired, the conversations sort of dry (even when meant to be funny) and I was just not finding myself attracted to keep on going.. 

So finally on the 25% mark I decided to put it down and just watch a series or something. No more reading today! I'm giving this one 3 stars rating mostly for dealing with something different which still 20 years after it was written (originally published on 1995) is not that common. 

This book is sortof part of a series, the first one "Stevie's Chase" telling us of Stevie and Chase's story, the second "Left at the Alter" is of Sean (Stevie's brother) and Rory (also dealing with a main character with a disability) and this is the third one of Chase's sister. I think it makes sense reading them in the order they were written.. the first one is a good introduction to Sean and a bit of Cassie and I think the second one brings more of Cassie (as she and Dar meet for the first time at Sean and Rory's wedding) but since I haven't read the second one I can't say more.. 

 (DNF 25%)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 256 pages, 21 February 2015 / On GoodReads

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