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The Year We Fell Down (The Ivy Years #1) [Corey Callahan & Adam Hartely] by Sarina Bowen

This was SUCH a joy to read, after a few "misses" recently this one was exactly what I needed. The only bad thing I could say about this book is that it ended.. but actually I loved the ending and how everything played out so I have no complaints what-so-ever. A beautiful story, great characters and I just feel like I want to delve into the next one and the next one.. already ordered them all including the third one which will be out on the 29th of September - SOON! YAY!

Corey Callahan and Adam Hartley has a few things in common - The both of them LOVE Hockey and the both of them can't play Hockey anymore.. While Corey had an accident leaving her crippled for life, Hartley has a cast on his leg after breaking his leg badly. Since they both require special dormitories it's no wonder they meet each other on the hall adjacent their rooms. Having their disabilities in common they soon become friends. 

As they spend more and more time together and their friendship grows Corey realizes her feeling for Hartley is making their friendship difficult especially after one strange drunk night  and the fact that Hartley's perfect rich and beautiful girlfriend who was overseas for most of the semester would be back soon and with it not only end her chance of being his GIRLfriend but also his friend in general. From Hartley's POV we learn he is mostly confused when it comes to his girlfriend, he isn't even sure why he is with her the first place and as time moves by all he wants is to be with Corey who makes him happy no matter what they do together. 

There are also some great side characters. Dana - Corey's roommate, Bridger - Hartley's best friend and a few more side characters who felt really real. Even Hartley's girlfriend who is a spoiled rich girl felt believable and not JUST a bitch. I enjoyed getting a glimpse of both families - Corey's parents and brother as well as Hartley's mom. 

This is a beautiful love story, but it's also a story of survival. I loved how Corey handled her life, how she managed to be so strong while staying so true and real. I loved her relationship with Hartley and was crushed every time she doubted herself because of the way she is and comparing herself to Hartley's perfect girlfriend. Corey is a true fighter, a warrior, and she deals with life and what she was dealt with such a back-bone that I could see what Hartley found in her and just how he fell for her. For her strength, for her character, for her inner beauty as well as the beautiful woman she is outside. I loved that Hartley was so believable in his struggle to find his happiness and even if it took him long enough he did all the right decisions actually. I could also totally see what Corey found in HIM! He was SO YUM on so many levels, naturally a good looking guy but also a really good friend and lover (when it came to pass).

I can write an hour about those two, and about how much they overcome in this amazing story, but I think I'll just stop here and let you read it for yourselves. I read a review of the third one by Christina Lee which is an author I absolutely LOVE (do yourselves a favor and CHECK HER OUT!), so naturally I had to start at the beginning (also as it seems she read an ARC since the book isn't out yet..). Really happy I gave this one a go and can't wait to get Bridger's story

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 270 pages, 25 September 2014 / On GoodReads


Sarina Bowen built one hell of an imaginary College where the main characters of her series Ivy Years live and study. They all have one thing in common - They LOVE Hockey and most of them play or used to play. 

I love all her characters, each is unique in his/her own way and bring a story that is much more than the usual "coming of age" we read in New Adult series. But while the issues are more interesting / difficult / heart breaking the general feel of the series, both in the characters and the plot line is positive which I really enjoyed. It wasn't dark and gloomy it always felt, to me, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel where all your friends or family are happy to be of aid even while others / problems (try to) stand in your way. 

Just a side note - Except for the 3rd installment being M/M, the others novels in the series are M/F.  

The series continues with a SPIN-OFF, it's somewhere  between New Adult and Contemporary Romance, the characters being a little bit older and not in college. The series centers on the NHL team "Brooklyn Bruisers", each book tells the HEA of one of the players, the first one being two characters we've met in the Ivy Years. 


1. The Year We Fell Down [Corey Callahan & Adam Hartely] (Published 24 March 2014) ★★★★★
2. The Year We Hid Away [Scarlet Crowley/Shannon Ellison & Bridger McCaulley] (Published 1 June 2014) ★★★★★
2.5 Blonde Date [Katie Vichery & Andrew Baschnagel] (Published 6 July 2014) ★★★★★
3. The Understatement of the Year [Michael Graham & John Rikker] (Published 29 September 2014) ★★★★★
4. The Shameless Hour [Bella Hall & Rafael Santiago] (Published 14 April 2015) ★★★★★
5. The Fifteenth Minute [Lianne Challice & Daniel "DJ" Trevi(Published 13 October 2015) ★★★★★
5.5 Studly Period [Josephine Allister & Pepe Gerault] (Published as 8 Part Free Serial between 20/03/18 to 08/05/18) ★★★★★ 
6. Extra Credit: Three Ivy Years Novellas (Published 3 March 2019) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Previously published - Blonde Date [Katie Vichery & Andrew Baschnagel]

    Previously published - Studly Period [Josephine Allister & Pepe Gerault]
    New addition - Yesterday [Michael Graham & John Rikker]

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