Thursday, September 25, 2014

Claiming His Fate (Feral Breed Motorcycle Club #1) by Ellis Leigh

I'll start by admitting I'm not a fan of werewolves. Never was. I always laugh and say it's because I'm a fan of Vampires and those usually don't play for the same team. But actually I think it's more about me not liking the "alpha show" in general, not in "realistic" romance as well as in Paranormal Romance. Granted, in Paranormal novels, no matter which paranormal creature we mean, I accept that a lot more than I would in a "realistic" novel. I guess there's more to it than that, the pack thing, which is also related to the alpha concept, the aggression underneath that isn't fueled by anything but more than plain ego just doesn't seem to "grab" me.. I like me a strong man, but as it seems I'm not a big fan of wolves because what's under the skin, what makes them tick, doesn't in any way appeal to me. 

To add to the show we have the "instant" concept. Instant-lust is not "wrong" it's the way that it is, but instant-UBER-lust feels unrealistic, especially when it's from a human's point of view and not a paranormal being/creature. Then we get to the instant bonding thing and sorta instant-love or maybe I should say instant-obsession which makes this book a total turn-off. 

I got up until 36% were a woman who was thoroughly terrified a minute ago of being forced to sell her body is so aroused she is positively considering having sex with someone who seems utterly insane and who paid 25 grand to be in her company. SAY WHAT? 
Yeah, that was the DNF note for me. 

Rebel is a shapeshifter, he is looking for a wolf aggressor who harmed a woman working in a strip club. First thing on the menu is checking that club seeing if he can find any clues and see if any of the other employees are in danger. Seeing Cherry for the first time is all he needs to KNOW she is his mate. But since there is an aggressor on the loose he has to balance his need and want for her with doing his job - looking for this guy/shifter. 

The writing was good, fast paced and the world revealing was done pretty well but I couldn't find myself invested in the story since too many things didn't make any sense to me. 

 (DNF 36%) 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 92 pages, 25 September 2014 / On GoodReads

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