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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Special Forces #2 - Mercenaries Part 1 (1989-1992) by Aleksandr Voinov (Vashtan) & Marquesate

It's quite hard for me to rate this book. It started off as a definite 5 Stars, like the previous one, but 3/4 into the book I started feeling like we sort of lost the romance and it turned into an Erotica novel. Not that I mind that much, sex IS healthy ;) thing is, with these two, there is so much more and the emotions expressed in the previous installment and up until that point where mind shattering, so why make such a drastic change? 

I find it somewhat strange that the second installment is separated into two parts, I'm not even sure there is a real reason plot-wise for the separation (besides the size of the file / amount of pages in each one). The first part, the one I'm reviewing at the moment, is from Chapter 20 up until and including Chapter 35. Just so you know :)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Twice Tempted (Night Prince, #2) by Jeaniene Frost

Second installment in the spin-off series to Night Huntress ("Cat & Bones") and yeah, I enjoyed it as much as I did the previous one, might have enjoyed this one more, I'm not sure! 

I LOVE both Leila and Vlad. Vlad is no surprise here, I loved him from the second he made an appearance in Cat and Bones, but in his books he really shines. I really appreciate the fact that he is the brutal man that he is and he doesn't feel like apologizing for it. For someone as independent as Leila it's quite difficult but the beautiful thing is she "puts him in his place" when she tells him that he wouldn't have loved her if she was the submissive type that waits to be rescued. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Once Burned (Night Prince, #1) by Jeaniene Frost

Vlad ~sigh~ 
This whole review can be summed up by this sigh.. This is my favorite PNR / UF character and also series. Well, it's not over YET, there are two books out of three (third and last will be published in January 2015) and I really hope it won't disappoint! Though what could happen? Vlad is in there, right? ;)

This is just a FUN book to read. If you've read Night Huntress ("Cat and Bones") you already met Vlad Tepesh and you already fell deeply in love with him. His arrogance and self assurance, his pyrokinesis, his diabolical sense of humor, his brutal looks - not a "Ken" Barbie Doll like Bones is described, but a masculine scared dark prince - YUM! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Special Forces #1 - Soldiers (1980-1989) by Aleksandr Voinov (Vashtan) & Marquesate

All the reviews I've read of this one said the exact word to describe this series - EPIC! I must agree. This love story is absolutely, well, EPIC! there simply isn't a more suitable word. I have NEVER read anything like it, and I do think I ever will. This is the absolute best, most amazing, unique love story I've ever read. So really, giving this one 5 out of 5 stars is unacceptable. There should be another standard for grading a book of this magnitude (lets settle for now for 10 out of 5 stars, OK?). 

This story is NOT typical in right about anything and everything. Which is another reason it's so special (besides the name ;)) 

Think about any violent and disturbing act you rather NOT read in a love story and it's probably there.. no spoilers, none needed, use you imagination and prepared to be SHOCKED every time the main characters manage to take you to a higher level of disturbed (which will be a prime adjective in this review.. and it's not the only word I'm re-using, forgive my inadequacy..). 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

One Grave at a Time (Night Huntress #6) by Jeaniene Frost

I didn't really get invested in this one. I'm not sure what the "problem" was, it wasn't, well, engaging. Cat and Bones are a real married couple now, their life is quite settled, they have their friends - Spade, Denise, Ian - that help them out (no sign of Vlad and Mencheres in this one which is a shame..) There was no "major crisis" for any of the characters, while Ian is always a star with everything he says and does he didn't help the book be more appealing.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

This Side of the Grave (Night Huntress #5) by Jeaniene Frost

Well, I liked this book, but didn't LOVE it. It's kinda hard for me to explain why. On the one hand, I DID think that Cat grown up in this one, learnt to trust herself, trust Bones, learnt to appreciate the people around her (even had a sort of a "heart to heart" with Mencheres). But it felt in a way, all over the place. 

The main "objective" in this book is dealing with Apollyon the Ghoul. If you remember from the previous book, Apollyon says that Cat is trying to become this Mega Vampire Ghoul combination bent on world domination.. There is a reference to Masterless Vampires being killed by Ghouls which is Apollyon's way of trying to start a war between the two species. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Eternal Kiss of Darkness (Night Huntress World #2) [Mencheres & Kira] by Jeaniene Frost

This one was a joy! I really enjoyed both Mencheres and Kira. I loved each one on their own and loved them even more together. Funny how Kira is protective of Mencheres without realizing that he doesn't really need that, but I think we can all appreciate our dear ones being there for us even if we can handle it all on our own. I think that with everyone taking Mencheres as he is, what he is and what he can do, few actually consider what he has been through, what his past was like and what prices he paid for being so powerful and old. Kira steps her foot a few times in front of Mencheres' friends and allies (also with his enemies..) to "protect" him, or protect his interests, trying to make people realize that he is still just a man, entitles to make mistakes, entitles to have him wants and needs. 

I think I kinda went ahead of myself, you don't know who Kira IS yet! well, you got she is Mencheres' HEA. They meet accidentally when Mencheres tries to put an end to his life while fighting a few Ghouls. Kira who trained to be a cup (but is actually a PI) tries to come to his aid but gets attacked herself making Mencheres ditch his idea and save her while killing the Ghouls in one swipe of his hands.. After healing Kira he intends to wipe her memory and let he be gone on her way, too bad he can't seem to do that.. He keeps waiting for his blood to be clear of her system, tries drinking a little of her blood but nothing works! Thing is, he doesn't really want to let her go, every conversation he has with her, while being held in his home (as a sort of "guest" who isn't allowed to leave) makes him crave her more, she is unlike anyone he has ever met since she doesn't know who he is, what he is, how powerful he is, he is just a man to her which is exactly how she treats him. Kira is also intrigued by Mencheres but since she is his captive she doesn't even consider acting on her interest and desire. After Mencheres lets her go she wants him back, trying to look for him she stumbled across some mean ass vampires that torture her and doesn't leave her any choice but tell them she knows Mencheres. It could have ended really well for her, Mencheres coming to rescue her if only Mencheres worst enemy, Radjedef, didn't follow him and makes it all burn to hell.. 

Radjedef is Mencheres' uncle. He has been mooning over Mencheres' power for years and years but ever since Mencheres shared his power with Bones and he seemed to retreat to himself Radje fears that Mencheres will leave this world taking his powers with him, therefore he tries to catch Mencheres doing "something" wrong, so he, as a guardian of the Vampiric law, can sentence him to death and take his powers from him. Kira was just the "thing" he needed, coming to the club where she is held he finds the best excuse to demand Mencheres kill her. It could have ended pretty easily if Mencheres could just kill Radjie and be done with it, but he can't do that and from there on it starts to burn slowly but surly to hell

When pushed to the wall, Mencheres turns to his two friends and allies - Bones (and Cat) and Vlad Tepesh. Obviously I really enjoyed Vlad's part. He is SO funny, I enjoy every word that comes out of his mouth I swear! Bones and Cat were a nice addition but Cat's dislike of Mencheres was quite annoying, give a guy a break, will ya? As things seems lost Mencheres will do everything in his great power to save Kira (and himself) from Radje, taking him down for the final time. 

I really enjoyed the romance in this book and how it somehow went backward or, I don't know, it was different, first Kira saving Mencheres, or maybe he saved her? then she is held captive yet there is something going on between them while nothing happens, then they are apart and when they come together there is still the "impending death" of Mencheres, yet their time together brings Mencheres to realize he doesn't WANT to die. The conclusion with the blackness in Mencheres' visions was also interesting and played really well in the scheme of things. 

I also want to say that I enjoyed the narration in this one and the previous of Charles/Spade and Denise better than the Night Huntress, somehow the voices sound better to me, both males characters sounds more masculine. Mencheres sounds different, more settled like he thinks of every word. I liked that. 

Now to the fifth one in the Night Huntress series. 

Additional Details: Audiobook, 10:24 Hours, 7-9 August 2014 / On GoodReads

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Crave the Night (Midnight Breed #12 - Nathan and Jordana) by Lara Adrian

I missed this series, I really did :) It's been a while since I finished the previous 11 books (and not that long ago that I read a short novella between the previous 11 and this one). I think it's incredible that Lara "re-invented" the series after the 10th book, moving the series 20 years forward, bringing new characters (the sons and daughters as well as more characters we haven't met) but also kept the characters that we came to love in the first 10 books. I'd love to see more of some of them (ATM Sterling Chase is the main character we get to read of). It's also really interesting the global plot line for the previous book, this one, and as it seems the next couple of books concerning the Atlantians. It's really an interesting concept that actually the Vampires today marry the Breedmates that are actually half Atlantians and half human so these two races live together, breed with one another in a sort of way even if there is no love shared between the two races (and right now they seem on the brink of war). 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First Drop of Crimson (Night Huntress World #1) [Spade & Denise] by Jeaniene Frost

I loved this book SO MUCH! I dare say I loved it more that I do Cat and Bones, mostly because Denise is much more "likable" than Cat it, not because she is "just a human" but because she is, well, human. Everything about her felt so real, I could relate to right about anything she went through, her emotions, her behavior, what she felt toward the past, and how beautifully she dealt with everything she was dealt, in this book and in the previous ones. Spade / Charles is SUCH a gentlemen it was impossible not to fall in love with him myself even though that's not my usual "thing", I'm not saying I love myself (only) a beast :P but I am saying there is something really sweet in a Vampire, being a beast when "needed" be but also can be the most loving and caring person. I"m not saying Bones isn't like that, but I think that Bones is more "feral" in a way. I love Bones to pieces, I DO! but I think that Denise and Charles just make the most beautiful couple. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Thrill of It (No Regrets #1) by Lauren Blakely

I really wanted to love this one, especially since the prequel "The Start of Us" gives you a wide hint as to what this one is going to be about which is quite different than anything I've read, and then 20% through I just decided to give up. 20% through and all Harley and Trey have to say is right about the same thing over and over again. 

Destined for an Early Grave (Night Huntress #4) by Jeaniene Frost

Another great and VERY emotional installment in the Night Huntress Series. I think up until now it's my favorite, even though as usual there are too many jealousy scenes between Cat and Bones (hence 4.5 stars and not 5 stars). 

After the emotional ride in the previous book, both Cat and Bones needs a little vocation. While on a nice little cruise Bones asks Cat - "where to?" and she answers - "Paris!"  Even without this being a re-read for me, it's obvious that if they are headed to Paris it WON'T be a romantic get away, it would be a another version of "get away"..

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Start of Us (No Regrets #0.5) by Lauren Blakely

Trey and Harley meet on the Tattoo Shop Trey works when she comes for her first tattoo. When their half an hour (of him tattooing her) ends the both of them doesn't want to part, even though for some reason they both know they can only spend this evening together they want to enjoy it with one another.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

One to Tell the Grandkids by Kristina M. Sanchez

I did it again, now, didn't I? I sat for about 6 hours without moving (a lot...) having one short break (to eat something..) and returning back to my reading. I went to sleep at almost 4 a.m. with a huge smile on my face but with a nagging feeling that devouring this book in one day means its over. It's done. I read it and the beautiful thing that it was is now behind me. Who knows when Kristina will publish the next one, ha? 

That's the thing, you know, when you read a book which is SUCH a JOY to read you kinda feel empty when you put it aside. You want it back, you want the feeling of novelty back. 

Funniest thing though? This kind of story is almost certain to NOT be my thing. If I got pregnant after a one night stand with a guy I couldn't remember his name? abortion. Not even ONE thought about it. But as my friend said (I wrote it as well on "Hold on Tight" by Serena Bell) - once the abortion is over there is no story to tell :D So putting my general dislike of kids and babies in Romance novels I took this one in my hand and just read it and enjoyed it. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

August 2014 Goals

Well, this month I don't have a lot of books planned but I DO have a lot to read! 

One to tell the Grandkids   ★★★★★
By Kristina M. Sanchez
Kristina is a new writer, I read her first book Duplicity a while ago after a great recommendation from a friend and I was just floured from how much I LOVED it. Naturally when I heard she has a new novel I bought it the day it was out! Which by the way was on 27th of July. You might even catch Duplicity for free on Amazon (I think today is the last day it's free). 
I'm not usually into kids in novels, I find it ruins the romance :D but it's Kristina, I have a feeling I'll love it anyway :)

The Start of Us (No Regrets #0.5)   ★★★
The Thrill of It (No Regrets #1)   ★ (DNF 20%)
Every Second With You (No Regrets #2)
By Lauren Blakely 
Well I'm not even sure who recommended this New Adult Series to me :D but it's short and it's sounds like a ride which is exactly what I feel like having in the beginning of this month :)

Crave the Night (Midnight Breed #12)   ★★★★★
By Lara Adrian
Well, well, well, I've been waiting for this one the second I finished the previous novel (I mean "Edge of Dawn" #12 of Mira and Kellan). The world changed so much after the 10th novel that I really can't wait to read what's happening with all the "new characters". I have a feeling I'm going to love Nathan as much as I loved Hunter (his foster dad ;)).

Special Forces - Soldiers    ★★★★★
Special Forces - Mercenaries #1   ★★★★½
Special Forces - Mercenaries #2   ★★★¾
Special Forces - Veterans   ★★★★
By Aleksandr Voinov (Vashtan) and Marquesate
This is one hellova long series / novel (round 2500 pages all four parts together). It's a MM Romance which spans over more than 20 years and tell the story of two soldiers, two enemies - one Scottish the other Soviet. 
This series it free, you can find it either either on Aleksandr's website as pdf/epub or on his fellow writer Marquesate's website as html. On Aleksandr's website you can find the first one in epub, the others are in pdf format. I made them into mobi files myself so if you're interested contact me.

Looking at what I have planned it doesn't look "a lot" but since the last one equals to about 7 "regular length" novels it IS a lot! So hopefully with the little more I have planned for this month I'll finish them all. 
When I plan my monthly readings I try to have about 110-120 pages per day but as my previous Recaps shows I don't always actually achieve that... 

Till my next review - have a great August! 

July 2014 Recap

Another month is over, less than that pasted from the day I moved to this address. I can't say I'm sorry though I do feel like I have less readers. I'm not sure since I didn't have a counter in my previous blog on BookLikes. But since I still have my reviews on GoodReads I don't mind that for the time being this place isn't as active as want it to be. I guess people would migrate from BookLikes here and from my book reviews on GoodReads. I'm giving it time. I enjoy writing here, enjoy the platform and I DID work a lot to make this place as informative as I can. 

I'm actually quite proud of myself for both the work I did on this blog in a short period of time and especially for reading almost all I had planned for this month on my July Goals
[ It's actually easier now with the Menu bar up above, you can navigate to each Goals / Recap post through the "Monthly Recap / Goals" tab ]

Before I move to my Recap, as usual, I'll list the books that weren't on my July Goals post which are the Audio books I've listened to - 
Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress #1)
One Foot in the Grave (Night Huntress #2)
At Grave's End (Night Huntress #3)
The Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost is a re-read for me. I'm listening to it for two reasons- First, I LOVED it when I read it about a year and a half ago.. Second is back then I didn't have a blog (and wasn't familiar with GoodReads) and while making my "Series Pages" I realized these ones don't have posts which is simply unacceptable! 
I'll be continuing to listen to this series in August and since these books are quite short (round 9 hours) I think I'll probably finish the re-read in less than a month. 

So let's do this! 

Favorite Author and Book of the Month: Harder (Caroline and West #2) - Robin York
Yes I'm going to do this again, choose both author and book of the month together. I guess I could just say I don't have enough books this month to occupy both slots but actually I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything that Ruthie Knox (AKA Robin York) writes SO DAMN MUCH I would probably do it even if I've read a lot more books this month. 
Ruthie is THE most amazing writer. It doesn't matter if she writes Contemporary Romance under her name or New Adult under Robin York. Anything she writes is just heartbreakingly beautiful, her characters are perfect in the sense that they AREN'T (There were a few places in the book I wanted to stab West and I believe I'm not the only one who was considering that..). I can't recommend enough ALL of her books. BUT considering I'm recommending a book which is the second (and last) in a series, if you haven't read "Deeper"- SHAME ON YOU! :P, but seriously DON'T read this one, you'll miss too much important information on the MC and what they went through in the previous one.

Disappointment of the Month: The Vampire Shrink (Kismet Knight, Ph.D., Vampire Psychologist #1) By Lynda Hilburn
This is a DNF at 29%. There aren't a lot of books I stop reading. Yeah there are some I don't find myself floured of, I did have 2 of these this month but for me, this one was just not interesting enough to keep on reading. It was too much thoughts and descriptions and not enough of substance and plot.


Discovery of the Month: The Original Sinners (The Red Years) By Tiffany Reisz
Since I make the rules I can decide to put a whole series in this slot and not a specific book :) and actually this series is a whole story written in 4 parts. Yeah in every book there are specific events that happen but your HEA and true closure comes only at the end of the fourth book. I WAS disappointed to realize that while reading since every book gave me a "short lived" closure not really giving me what I want, leaving me craving the next one but I guess the ending DID give me what I wanted, sort of :) 
This is a really good BDSM S&M series and I'm saying it because I haven't read anything like it. It was, well, a good education I can say and honestly while I COULDN'T understand a lot of it it in the first book, I accepted it on the fourth. 
I had my issues with one of the main characters but I'm not sure if I would EVER be in the majority over it :) so don't worry about that :P 
Great series, recommended even and especially if BDSM isn't your "thing", try it. it's different and it's great not only because of that.

Fun Break of the Month - Marked (Midnight Breed #11.5) by Lara Adrian
The Midnight Breed is one of my absolute favorite Paranormal Romance series. It's been a while since I read the series and I was a bit edgy to have my hands on the 12th of the series which will be out, well, SOON! or to be more accurate 5 days from now (5th August). 
I can't say that this book falls into this category for being funny, but it does fall into this category for giving me another taste of the series before the next full novel as well as remind me a little of the world I might have forgot a little. 
Great book, Mathias Rowan was mostly a character that came and went for a scene or two, nice to get his story. 

Well, that's it for this month's Recap. 
August Goals coming soon :)

The Vampire Shrink (Kismet Knight, Ph.D., Vampire Psychologist #1) by Lynda Hilburn

Sadly this is a DNF at 29%. I really hate leaving a book behind, especially since I read good recommendations of it, and especially since the idea of a psychologist and vampires together DOES sound like a good combination.