Saturday, August 2, 2014

One to Tell the Grandkids by Kristina M. Sanchez

I did it again, now, didn't I? I sat for about 6 hours without moving (a lot...) having one short break (to eat something..) and returning back to my reading. I went to sleep at almost 4 a.m. with a huge smile on my face but with a nagging feeling that devouring this book in one day means its over. It's done. I read it and the beautiful thing that it was is now behind me. Who knows when Kristina will publish the next one, ha? 

That's the thing, you know, when you read a book which is SUCH a JOY to read you kinda feel empty when you put it aside. You want it back, you want the feeling of novelty back. 

Funniest thing though? This kind of story is almost certain to NOT be my thing. If I got pregnant after a one night stand with a guy I couldn't remember his name? abortion. Not even ONE thought about it. But as my friend said (I wrote it as well on "Hold on Tight" by Serena Bell) - once the abortion is over there is no story to tell :D So putting my general dislike of kids and babies in Romance novels I took this one in my hand and just read it and enjoyed it. 

What's it about? Kinda complicated in a non really complicated way unless you know all the details :D I'll try and describe the main points but as it is, I was warned that this is considered to be quite spoilery. I"m not sure that it is, because it doesn't tell you what exactly but it does tell you the direction the plot is going. 

Taryn got pregnant, couldn't ever remember the guy's name.. but lucky for her, the little she did remember was enough to find him. Confronting him was not really what she wanted to do, she doesn't know him, and she doesn't want someone she doesn't even know be involved in her baby's life but she also thinks it's the right thing to do. For him, for her baby, if there is a chance he or she could have a father she needs to take that risk.

Slate is shocked to say the least but while not a very serious person most of the time, he wants to do the best he can for Taryn and her and HIS baby. He is really a sweet guy, which Taryn comes to really like, but she can't and won't fall in love with him, as he can't and won't fall for her. While they had their fun on their one stand it's obvious either one of them would have been interested in one another without the alcohol digested that day.. Becoming friends is the best solution and it becomes apparent that though they are different Slate is very invested in both Taryn and the baby, wanting to make the best he can from a very strange situation. 

Turns out Taryn lives in a city quite close to LA (where Slate lives) and since she hates driving and her car hates being driven just as much she car pools to Slate in LA with his best friend Caleb. Caleb is older than she is, older that Slate as well, he is the "responsible adult" Slate turns to, he sees him as his best friend, his big brother so in a way, having Slate as a best friend also brings Caleb into the picture a little bit like Mel and Robin, Taryn's best friends are also a part of the "package" for Slate and Caleb. But since they spend a lot of time together driving to LA and from LA they become friends on their own. Good friends. But as Taryn gets to know Caleb, as she peels more layers of this guy she realizes how much she doesn't know about him and how much she wants to know and be a part of his life. 

Caleb has a lot of secrets. They aren't "dark secrets", it's just his personal life he doesn't want or doesn't know how to share with the world. Slate knows all about it, but while they are close and while Slate is there for him mentally speaking some things Caleb had to deal with alone and as Taryn finds out about his family he is shocked by her compassion which only makes him want her more which is simply out of the question. He won't betray his friend (even if both Taryn and Slate say they don't want each other as a couple just as friends) and he won't get into this triangle, only bad things will come out of it anyway. 

Slowly but surly Caleb and Taryn fall for each other, and as Caleb's personal life brings him to a breaking point, Taryn is the one to hold him and he doesn't let go. But while they are together in a certain way both of them don't promise one another a real relationship. Each for his/her own reasons. But when push comes to shove and Slate confronts them both Caleb decides to take the easy way out. 

There's more in Caleb's past that Taryn knows, and when she finds out it's up to them to see if they can work it out between them. 

This is a story of love, friendship and family none is easy yet so worth it. For both Caleb and Taryn's families a tragedy changes the dynamics of the family, changes the relationship between parents and children. The change was inevitable but it also can be amended, it's all up to them, taking a notch out of their ego and admit to their true feelings and misgivings. 

And while I'm still here for another sentence or two let me recommend as well - Duplicity - Kristina's first novella. It's free on Amazon for the a next couple of days. 
After reading that novella I knew I'll read anything by Kristina, and reading this one only showed me how right I was. 


Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 213 pages, 1 August 2014 / On GoodReads

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