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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Paradise (Bonded, #2) [Garrett & Jonah] by Cari Z.

While I enjoyed reading "Pandora" the beginning of Garrett and Jonah's love story, I simply ADORED this one. When we finished the first book though Garrett and Jonah WERE a formed couple, they still had many issues to deal with, mainly the ramifications of their past. Garrett's health issues and Jonah's ex and Cody's second father. I really liked that both of these were explored in this one. Also, unlike the previous one we got Jonah's POV as well as Cody's! I'm not usually a big fan of kids dominating the romantic space but Cody's POV was more than sweet and endearing it was actually crucial at certain points, giving us a truly different point of view of situations.

Please notice that if you haven't read the first one - you should! but you also must before you read this one. Too many things won't make any sense, the world building is also important I think to be able to be focused on the couple and not trying to figure out what's going on in the Sci-Fi world Cari wonderfully built for us.

Garrett Caractacus  did it, he asked Jonah Helms to be his husband. Naturally Jonah accepted and now they are on a 3 week journey on Garrett's space ship "Icarus" to "Paradise" the current home planet of Garrett's family and close friends where they're going to get married. They don't expect drama, and if they do, not from a personal perspective. There is MUCH going on in "Paradise" politically and it's not always safe as we saw in the previous installment but things are about to get rattled between them. First when Jack Vendam (Jonah's ex and Cody's second father) appears on Paradise demanding custody and SO much more and second Garrett's neglecting to take care of himself and getting VERY sick because of it.

But even with all of the drama, there is still a lot of time of the 3 of them enjoying family and friends, we see more of Miles and Claudia (Garret's father and step mother) as well as baby Renee (Garrett's little sister), we get more of Robbie and Wyl (Garrett's best friends) and everyone finds a way to have a good time. It wasn't a full length novel but it's not a short novella as well. When all was said and done I REALLY felt like Garrett found a new family in Jonah and Cody, I could believe they are more than RIGHT for one another they are PERFECT together. They can handle everything as long as they are together. I also liked seeing how Jonah got along with everyone. He might have started feeling a bit overwhelmed, well, he might still be considering his past, but I truly believe he sees all of Garrett's close family and friends as his own, as well as know for himself he did the right thing, taking Cody away as well as choosing to accept Garrett into their family of two.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I'm not into Sci-Fi AT ALL, and yet Cari's words, the journey she took us together with Garrett and Jonah was BEAUTIFUL, it only shows that is't not about the setting, it's not even about the turf, it's ALL about the writing. Also, did I mention this one as well as the previous are free reads? (Click on the blue button bellow for a direct link).

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26 April 2019

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