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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Pandora (Bonded, #1) [Garrett & Jonah] by Cari Z.

I'm not a Sci-Fi reader, but I AM a Cari Z reader and so after discovering she has a few of those published on her blog (free reads!) I knew I had to give these a go and so I started with this and though I had NO CLUE what I was getting into, I'm SO glad I did. It was different, a lot of world building entwined in the story a character I feel like I could get to know even better, a sweet endearing romance story and a heart warming feeling that family is above all.

Since this one doesn't have any real plot besides Cari's admission it's a spin-off to a story previously published on Literotica called "Bonded", I'll try to explain it a  bit. Garrett Caractacus (our sole POV) is a climatologist. Though he moved from planet to planet his current station is on "Paradise", where his father is the governor. Technically he CAN stay with his father (Miles) and sweet stepmother Claudia yet he feels restless. When he receives an offer to work on "Pandora" for 3 years he accepts even if he doesn't find the place that appealing and especially the citizens who are on their way to this new populated planet. The people who seek home on Pandora are "Naturals", people who are like us today, not genetically modified like Garrett and the people around him. These are considered to be FAR more fragile and live far less than the average "regular" who are born "now" (in Garrett's times). But Naturals are still born sometimes for different reasons and since they are considered so easily harmed, and since there is difficulty for them to truly be part of society they would rather live on their own.

Though Garrett has his own ship he travels (with it) in a far bigger space ship containing the new citizens. That's where he meets Jonah Helms and later on his Natural son Cody. Garrett isn't looking for a relationship, he isn't interested in Pandora, it's just a project for him, when his contract is finished he would be leaving. Where to? Good question.. he can always return to his father's home in Paradise. He has his family and friends there but as he spends more time with Jonah and Cody he starts to question his resolve. He wants to spend more time with both of them, but Jonah keeps his distance at first because he doesn't want to get involved and get his kid involved in something that won't last.

Things change when Garrett is injured and finds himself living with Jonah and Cody, they are still on their way to Pandora and even though Garrett is adjusting to his current situation he realizes they have a real thing going on between them and he doesn't want to end it. But once they land on Pandora they return to their initial argument even if it's mostly internal - can they trust this relationship. Can Garrett stay? Will Garrett stay? But it all puts on hold when an urgent call makes Garrett return to Paradise to deal with a difficult family situation.

I gotta say, though this is CLEARLY not my forte' it was SUCH an interesting world to read about. The whole issue of Naturals was dealt with very tenderly, it made me see Jonah (and Cody) in a very unique way, and for Garrett as well, it's something else to keep in mind. A father knowing he is going to BY FAR out last his son, seeing him getting sick, getting old while he stays strong is cruel beyond words. There is also a story with Garrett's mental health and though we were still left with unresolved questions it was obvious how it made him connect with Cody's life situation better.

I enjoyed the minor characters, the buildup of the story. Many characters (but not TOO many) who impacted Garrett's life. He is a friendly guy who makes friends everywhere he goes (some also share his bed.. I was a bit partial about that I'll admit). Though Jonah was the true drifter between the too of them, Garrett was the one who NEEDED a home, a family he could be a part of. I really enjoyed the ending. As I was getting closer and closer to the "finish line" I was worried it's going to be rushed somehow and it wasn't it was a BEAUTIFUL closure to the story. Can't wait to revisit Garrett, Jonah and Cody in "Paradise" another free read though Cari's blog. I'll be delving into it VERY soon.

Are you into Sci-Fi Romance? If you are (and maybe even if you aren't) try and give this one a go, it's free on Cari's blog (direct link through the blue button bellow).

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