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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Beta Test (#gaymers #2) [Tristan & Ravi] by Annabeth Albert

I enjoyed this one, but I gotta say it took me time to warm up to both characters. Ravi and Tristan are more than opposites they also dislike each other, it's a turf I have an issue with. When you spend time mocking someone turning upside down to loving them? it could happen but me personally I might keep a sort of a grudge.. just saying..

Tristan and Ravi started working at "Space Villager", a company developing an online role playing game. They couldn't be more different and not only because they come from a different background professionally, Ravi being a graphic designer and Tristan from accounting.  Ravi an open gay extrovert, always surrounded by friends and Tristan who couldn't be more introverted and also a closeted gay.. 

When Ravi and Tristan find themselves taking a few days ride to a convention they expect to hate the company but instead they find a tender side in each other and also things they wouldn't even think they have in common like their difficulties with their families. Though each have his own issue, they struggle nevertheless to find a non judgmental place where they can choose the man they wish to be with and not hide their desires or find a suitable wife and ignore what's in the heart (and body).

As they spend more and more time together they realize it's not just an easy company, they are both attracted to one another. It's not something new for neither of them but while not getting along it was easy to ignore - now, spending so much time together - it becomes quite difficult. Yet once they start they seem to find an even stronger pull to one another. Realizing it's getting A LOT more complicated - what they find in each other, when on their own is something they never experienced before with anyone else yet both know that once they return home they need to put everything that happened between them aside. Ravi had a relationship with a coworker and it ended badly and Tristan is still closeted and the situation with his family is making it more difficult to make his own decision on the matter. 

Yet as they TRY staying apart it just doesn't work! and staying together is problematic as well, and when their families starts pushing them even more they find they have a few hard decisions to make not only concerning each other but also how to deal with their families. 

Though I had a hard time at the beginning, I DID enjoy this book. Also liked getting a bit of the formed couple from the previous installment and hints on what's to come in the next one. It was sweet and heart warming like the previous one. I really enjoy Annabeth's writing, I gotta add more books by her for sure!

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19-22 Mar 2018

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