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Darkest Hour Before Dawn (THIRDS #9) [Sebastian & Hudson] by Charlie Cochet

What can I say, I simply LOVE this series. Seb and Hudson's story was beautiful but it was mostly heart breaking. We've known about these two for a while now, and getting to hear Hudson's side of things made me feel so sorry for both of them. 7 years being apart yet never truly being able to put their feelings aside. That's what it means to be marked. 

In this installment, we learn from both guy's POV - Seb 
(Sebastian Hobbs - Team Leader for Theta Destructive - Tiger Therian) and Dr. Hudson Coldbourn (Chief Medical Examiner - Wolf Therian) - how much each hurt after Seb makes the mistake of defending Hudson from a gunshot only for a little girl to be killed in the crossfire. They are both filled with guilt but Seb is over it, he wants Hudson back. He can't live without him. The ache is too much. Hudson isn't in that stage. He feels horrible for what happened and he sees the logic in the girl's mother - they CANNOT work together and be able to stay true to their job, their obligation to society as law enforcers when the mark plays such a big part in their lives. Seeing Hudson get hurt is not something Seb can put aside and attend to other matters. Hudson is EVERYTHING and so Hudson realizes as much as he craves Seb, he can never have him. The impact of how much they miss each other in their daily lives was more than heartbreaking it was crushing. But no matter what happens they care so deeply for one another - when one gets hurt the other just puts the grief aside and is there in any capacity the other needs. When Hudson is attacked by 3 fields the first and only place he runs to is - Home. The place he and Seb used to share, the man he trust implicitly to keep him safe. That Seb can do, but he can't mend Hudson's heart when Hudson isn't able to accept who he is and what he needs. 

My heart ached for these two. So much hurt but mostly so much love and care. I could hear the love through the pages whenever Seb called Hudson "Lobito" (little wolf), wanting him to be HIS little wolf once again. 

Since this IS the THIRDS series there's also action and a promise for Seb and Hudson in the spin-off because the things these two (mostly Hudson) got into with Dex and Sloane made it impossible to turn back from where Sparks wants them to be.. It can bring a sort of promise to the Hobbs family, that's how I see it, though Seb is VERY reluctant to agree to the basically unknown terms. Sparks is smart, but Wolf, our mysterious ghost and ex-operative is even smarter. He knows what he wants and he knows the best way to get it is to help in his own way and own terms. We see Wolf in a way we never did before and I could see exactly where this was headed though I still don't know what it would or could mean in the future. 

Dex and Sloane play a major role in this one, mostly in the first half of the book. I missed those two. We also get a little bit of Taylor. It was truly heartbreaking the ordeal he had to went through and the state he is in now. I never thought I'd say it but I DO wish him all the best and I hope we'll get to see a better side to him in the future. 

Can't wait for the next one in the series. This is THE BEST Paranormal / Urban Fantasy series I've ever read. I can't remember a single series that left me the way this series does. There hasn't been ONE that I rated less than 5 stars and there reason for that is simple - It's just THAT awesome. I don't think it would be a good idea to start with this book and not only because the next one would be the last (before the spin-off). It would be better to get to know the supporting characters in this one better and mostly there are MAJOR spoilers to anyone who hasn't read ALL of Dex and Sloane's story throughout the series. It's basically their series, with a few couples put briefly in the spotlight (like in this one). 

Read on:
27 Apr-2017


THIRDS is my absolute favorite Paranormal MM Romance / Urban Fantasy series. It's the first I've read by Charlie Cochet (and wasn't the last!). I absolutely ADORE the series, each book was simply superb! There's a lot of action in the books, but there is also A LOT of laugh out loud moments as well as heartfelt ones between the MCs. I couldn't have asked for more. This series has it all!

The world building is AWESOME, it's explained right in the beginning of the series - A biological weapon used in the Vietnam war caused a mutations that made the Therians, a new species of half man - half animal. What we usually call "shape shifters". The world is struggling to deal with this new species, a lot of prejudice, a need to register and somehow contain the new members of society. The THIRDS - Therian-Human Intelligence, Recon, Defense Squadron is formed to help the "human police" deal with Therian threats.

The series focuses on the "Destructive Delta" team, mostly the leader - Sloane a Jaguar Therian and his new human partner Dex (with 3 novels focus on other couples). 

The Destructive Delta Team:
Sloane Brodie (Therian Jaguar) - Dexter "Dex" J. (Justice) Daley
Ash Keeler (Therian Lion) - Julietta "Letty" Guerrera 
Cael Maddock (Therian Cheetah) - Rosa Santiago 
Ethan Hobbs (Therian Tiger) - Calvin Summers

The series contains 10 novel but Dex and Sloane's journey continues on the spin-off - TIN (Therian Intelligence Network)

HIGHLY HIGHLY Recommended! 

Each book contains a cast members list and a glossary, but if you want MORE - about the books, characters and the world of THIRDS - look into Charlie's dedicated site THIRDS HQ.

1. Hell & High Water [Sloane & Dex] (Published 5 July 2014) ★★★★★
2. Blood & Thunder [Sloane & Dex] (Published 3 August 2014) ★★★★★
3. Rack & Ruin [Sloane & Dex] (Published 7 November 2014) ★★★★★
4. Rise & Fall 
[Sloane & Dex] (Published 2 February 2015)

5. Against the Grain [Cael & Ash] (Published 3 August 2015) ★★★★★
6. Catch a Tiger by the Tail [Calvin & Ethan] (Published 5 November 2015) ★★★★★
7. Smoke & Mirrors 
[Sloane & Dex] (Published 8 July 2016)

8. Thick & Thin [Sloane & Dex] (Published 1 February 2017) ★★★★★
9. Darkest Hour Before Dawn [Seb & Hudson] (published 25 April 2017) ★★★★★
9.5 Gummy Bears & Grenades [Sloane & Dex] (published 4 October 2017) ★★★★★
10. Tried & True [Dex & Sloane] (published 24 November 2017) ★★★★★

THIRDS Universe 
These are side stories of characters mentioned throughout the series and will center around THEM (not the Destructive Delta arc) so they could be read as stand alone. Yet be advised they MIGHT contain spoilers to the main series. 
Currently there is only one book published with quite a lot of promised couples - Dom & West ; Wolf & ??? ; Taylor & Angel ; Lou & Bradley ; Felipe & Bram Zachary ; Brayden Kavanah & Eden Zachary 

Love and Payne [Austen Payne & Osmond "Zach" Zachary] (Published 4 September 2018) ★★★★★


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