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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Mending Noel (North Pole City Tales #1) [Tim & Noel] by Charlie Cochet

This is the first I've tried by Charlie besides the THIRDS series. I had high expectations I'll be honest.. which is why I'm so sad and annoyed this one just didn't work for me. The world building is AWESOME. I don't celebrate Christmas but if I did I would probably find this one even more special. Every reference, every character or theme in this book is ALL Christmas. It was really cool seeing how the author made a whole new world were all the characters and treats are everyday life material.

Yet the story itself or rather the characters didn't grab me. Tim and Noel work together. Tim can barely make ends meet and it's not helpful that Noel - his superior - is mean to him. When Tim stumbles upon two men who attempt to hurt their prince he finds himself somehow running for his life and meeting said price including his secret lover. 

From there the plot moves in a very strange pace. It was only hinted that Tim and Noel explained what they heard, but mostly Jack (the prince) and his boyfriend (Rudy), not only save the day but they also somehow match the two of them together. For me it was an unlikely coupling mostly because I couldn't forgive Noel his mean behaviour towards Tim for MONTHS. Saying he's sorry isn't enough.. it didn't feel realistic AT ALL and not only because this is "Christmas Land" because that's NOT how relationships are built.. 

I've read the 2nd installment - "The Heart of Frost" - and frankly didn't connect to it as well.. I won't be continuing on with this series. 

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