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Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Yearly Recap

Every year it's the same, when the year is almost over I start organizing the books for the next one and think about what I've been through book-wise this past year.

Lucky GoodReads enjoys organizing our statistics for us, right? 😉

I love looking at the statistics. I realized I've read a bit more than last year which I considered then to be "horrible" when it comes to reading. Also it's fun realizing just HOW MUCH I've read and so many of them great books! My rating statistics are the same as last year - 4.3 in average but it's now wonder really, I stick to authors I love which is why I decided this year to have a countdown of my most read authors by books. 

                                               1. Mary Calmes (34 Books)
                                               2. Amy Lane (19 Books)
                                               3. Katy Regnery (14 Books)
                                               4. Sarina Bowen (8 Books)
                                               5. Christina Lee (6 Books)
                                               6. Garrett Leigh (6 Books)
                                               7. Emma Jameson (5 Books)
                                               8. K.J.Charles (5 Books)
                                               9. Cari Z. (5 Books)
                                               10. Charlie Cochet (4 Books)

It's not a shock that my most read author is Mary Calmes and then Amy Lane and Katy Regnery, these three have been my "projects" these past 2 years. I"m TRYING to finish reading all of their published work and while I have finished reading all of Katy's books, I plan on finishing Amy's and Mary's in 2018. With the amount of books they publish and keep publishing I'll have my hands full :)

The rest of my list is no surprise either - Sarina Bowen, Chrisitna Lee & Garrett Leigh are true favorites. I've already went through each of their published work and keep waiting for MORE. 

Emma Jameson, at least under this name is new to me, she doesn't write under this name my "go to" genres and yet she keeps surprising me. I'll be finishing all of her published work next year. Cari Z is also someone who keeps surprising me with the diversity of her novels. Every book is something entirely different and mostly not what I was expecting. She too will be my project for next year as well.

K.J. Charles is still new to me, I just read Historical Romance series by her but it was enough for me to realize I've GOT to try more. 

Last but not least is Charlie Cochet. 2018 is going to be the year I tackle all of her published work. Her Urban Fantasy series jumped in no time at all to be my absolute favorite PNR series of all times. 

I gotta say, it was hard picking up the books for each author but I did my best to put at least one of my absolute favorites of this year :)

There are 3 more authors I feel like I must mention especially because they were new to me and a very pleasant surprise!   

                                                         Kim Fielding
                                                         Aly Martinez
                                                         Sue Brown

I've just scratched the surface with these three but I hope I'll find the time to add more of their books in the near future. 

Naturally these are not the only authors I've read this year or my only favorites, some authors publish less and so though I REALLY enjoy their books and auto-buy them, they won't make a cut if I only look at how many books I've read.. Frankly, I love reading, and especially enjoy reading these authors (who took 80% of all of what I've read this year). When you stick to what you already know you love you're rarely surprised (to the worse). 

I already have my list for 2018 ready, it's going to be more of the same. If that's what you're into as well - we'll be having our usual fun together next year as well 💃

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