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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Madly (New York #2) by Ruthie Knox

It's been a while, a LONG while since I've read any of Ruthie's books, and it's all her fault, since I've read everything she published and so I was waiting patiently for a new release. So I was already pumped about this book, THEN I learnt that the MC in this one is no other than Nev's bigger brother from "About Last Night" which is probably my favorite book by Ruthie (and one of the first I've read by her). Keeps getting better and better without me even starting to read hehe I LOVED Winston in this one even if he was "the villain" in Nev and Cath's book. Let's just say he had his reasons and he managed to make amends with his brother (and partner). Now 5 years later it's time for him to find HIS happiness with the colorful Allie we've met in the previous installment - May's little sister.

In May's book - "Truly" Allie decides the very last minute NOT to marry Matt. She is portrayed as reckless, colorful and energetic so I was already intrigued to get her POV on what happened with Matt and with her life in general. Yet there is so much more to Allie than that. I truly envy her. She might sound as someone who screws up all the time but it's only because she keeps on trying, changing, evolving. Though Winston sounds like the exact opposite this is part of what makes her appeal to him so much. There is so much going on with this brave girl it's no wonder he fell for her and her unique outfits he adores because they are so HER. But it's also no wonder Allie fell for Winston who is such an incredible guy. Yeah he made a lot of mistakes in life but he's doing his best now to redeem himself to his daughter, in a way with his ex-wife, her brother and his partner. What he sees in Allie awakens him in a beautiful way. I would have surely fallen for a guy like him. Mature, who knows what he wants and not because he's "too good" because now he knows better, the kind of guy who respects people even though he comes from a "high class". 

The most beautiful and main part of the book - Allie and Winston finding their way to one another and to committing to one another was perfection. It was fun, engaging, sexy. It was emotional without being overwhelming, it was genuine and sweet. It was everything I could have asked for and more. I loved Allie and Winston alone and together and enjoyed seeing them circle around each other, getting closer and closer, not realizing they are past the no return to falling in love. 

The relationships in this book were so realistic, I SO enjoyed seeing not only Allie and Winston but also how both of them deal with their family members. Winston and Nev finding a way to become brothers again, Nev even putting Winston on the spot a few times. May and Allie confronting one another on the secrets they kept from one another but in the end loving each other SO dearly. Ben and May, being so much in sync, and grumpy Ben even doing his best to help Allie explain herself to May so they could forgive each other. Even Winston's driver and PA were a nice add to the mix and that without mentioning Bea - Winston's daughter and the color she added. I could see her and Allie becoming best friends and Winston is a really good father even if he believes he isn't really. 

The thing that brings Allie and Winston together is a chance meeting at a bar while Allie is spying on her mother. That's the "main story", which I started by being very interested in and later on got annoyed and even disinterested in the whole prospect. I HATED Allie and May's mother. She can win the worst mother of the year the whole 30 years she's been a parent. She is SO self centered. What good did she do to her two daughters? she discouraged them, ignored them when they needed her most, hurt their feelings and was generally annoyed by them. I am NOT a mother myself and frankly I don't wish to be, but if I HAD kids, I wouldn't treat them as a nuisance I have to bear with - THIS is how May and Allie's mother treats them and even though the story has a sort of happy ending with her, I HATED the way it was portrayed because in the end they didn't get any answers from HER, because she had other more important things to do than to have a moment with her family who were always there for her even at the (many) times she abandoned them. I WILL say, she technically had a good reason to "run away" from home like she did this time and in the many times she did in the past, but her reasoning was lost on me. She behaved like a child. There are FAR better ways to deal with situations you aren't able to explain yourself fully. All that being said, this part of the story, though moved the plot along wasn't the main issue, at least for me, which is why I was able to enjoy this book so much and put this whole nuisance aside (but it did made me reduce half a star from my rating).

I don't know on who the next book is going to be about but I already can't wait to have my hands all over it! Great book! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :) 

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