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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Crazy about Cameron (The Winslow Brothers #3) [Cameron & Margaret] by Katy Regnery

This was a fun sweet read. I enjoyed meeting both Margaret and Cameron and loved getting a taste of the Story family (Margaret naturally but also one of her 5 sisters - Priscilla). The family situation there seems tense.. so I'm happy it worked out so beautifully for Margaret, getting her heart's desire not only with Cameron but also with her dream occupation - building her own winery. Cameron is in a different yet similar place in life, he is unhappy with his work and even though he CRAVES Margaret and have been for most of his life, with how much is work is costing him (time wise) there is no way he can commit to anything more, especially not a relationship that will surely suffer from his demanding company. 

Margaret and Cameron wanted each other for years, but while growing up, Margaret might have wanted Cameron, but he was in his pushing her braids stage in life. Later on, he moved to England with his mother (after his father's death) and when he returned for college she was away studying in Switzerland only finally returning to live in Philly in the same building a few months before (The timing of this one starts somewhere near the beginning of the first installment "Bidding on Brooks"). Cameron is frustrated and so he is VERY rude to Margaret, he wants her SO MUCH but there is no way he can have her and so he tries to ignore her and not get upset when he sees her with her current boyfriend Shane Olson (not really succeeding in both..). Margaret really doesn't understand what she did to Cameron to make him treat her this way which is frustrating on HER side since she have been into him for YEARS, and having a boyfriend doesn't help considering she isn't sure if he is into HER or acquiring a place in her family's company (by her father's orchestration). Also a side note here - this is SOMETHING going on between Shane and her sister Priscilla. I'm SO ready for their story! 

Things change when they finally TALK to one another when Margaret and Cameron both attempt a renovation in their apartments. We already knew of this detail from the previous installments (also mentioning both their attraction to one another seen by others). But the truth is, Cameron is only renovation to have a certain connection to Margaret... It DOES bring them together (even if just initially) and so they form a sweet and caring relationship, well, slowly building into one but also dealing with Cameron's frustrations and jealousy. Though I'm not a fan of this kind of behavior, I really GOT Cameron and why he behaved the way he did. It's a little like I had with Elise in the previous installment, though she acted in a way I disliked or rather disagreed with mostly because I felt bad for Preston, here I felt sorry for Margaret, but I understood Cameron's emotional state which made him act quite childishly (rude, mean and jealous).

Once a true friendship was built, it morphed easily and naturally to love (which in a way was always there). Cameron and Margaret are PERFECT for one another, Cameron stated exactly that in his musing:

" Today he’d also learned something crucial about Margaret’s yin to his yang. On the outside, they might have looked, as she suggested last night, like a librarian and a hothead, but the beauty of their inverse symmetry was that he somehow encouraged her to loosen up, and she somehow inspired him to grow up. And the net of the equation was a feeling of profound rightness when they were together. " (from Chapter 9)

Just a side note about working things out and not just romantically - I liked the way the "work situation" was resolved for both of them. It was just so fitting. In a way both of them needed a certain "push" to make the right decision for themselves (and not for others) and while it wasn't easy on either one of them, they DID find their way into a sort of "HEA" work-wise. I can see how their partnership is going to work beautifully, not only romantically but on the business side of things. They both got to have what they wanted the most and all of that - together.

I really enjoyed this book, there is something electric about Cameron and Margaret together. My only two issues are the sizzling attraction between them, which at times was OTT (mainly considering they are in their late 20s - early 30s) and also how much everyone keeps wanting kids! It's not just about this book or couple, it's the whole Blueberry lane bunch. There IS something sweet about it because in a way it's recreating the exact environment they grew up in, but I don't know.. maybe it's me, who don't see the appeal that much, and also knowing that while kids are the mostly natural progression of a relationship, I think more time should be spend AS a couple before the equation changes. 

Grab it and read it! It was a fun one day read for me :)
Also HIGHLY recommend you try the other ones in the series and the "bigger" frame of the other families in Blueberry Lane.

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Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 216 pages, 26 July 2016 / On GoodReads

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