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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Blackbird Knitting in a Bunny's Lair (Granby Knitting #4) [Aiden & Jeremy] by Amy Lane

While I LOVED the previous novels in this series, this one was so-so. We start this book with Jeremy in the hospital after he was nearly killed by the mob-boss who was after Johnny/Gianni's boyfriend Stanley, Aiden being pissed as HELL about the whole situation but when he comes to his senses and mostly when Jeremy comes home things begin to settle between them, Jeremy goes through a whole process especially with the big event he finds himself planning for Ariadne's baby who needs to have a surgery. 

The last paragraph summed up the whole story. Though there ARE a lot of bumped along the way, it's mostly Jeremy learning his value not only to Aiden but to people in the community. I guess truly seen by everyone he is honest to his core. Unlike the previous ones this one is the length of a full novel and it has dual POVs of both Jeremy and Aiden. It was a nice change and was needed in this story. 

As I said in the previous installments, any of the novels in the series shouldn't be read as a stand alone. Better start at the beginning and get the whole story behind all the reoccurring people and naturally not get spoilers which are evident especially because of time overlap in the books. Consider this paragraph a spoiler alert if you haven't read the previous ones! 

The only person to see any "dark colors" in Aiden was Jeremy, I'm sure he wasn't surprised at all he shot the man who tried to kill him. He is most definitely a wolf to Jeremy's bunny. Yet the angry and aggressive guy we meet in the first part of the book lost all the appeal he had in the previous installments. Yeah Jeremy made a mistake, yeah he is all beaten up and has to go through a few surgeries and a while in the hospital and I also get Aiden had no one (else) to shot to express how mad he is for Jeremy getting hurt but it seemed all the aggression was ON Jeremy and it SHOULDN'T have been! The second part of the book when Jeremy was finally home was a time for Aiden to shine and be the protector and mentor Jeremy (and me) loves. Yet it was too much of a contradiction for me. From passive aggressive to loving and tender. 

The whole second part of the book was Jeremy recovering while getting used to living with Aiden in Ben's house (soon to be their own on paper as well), working as much as his injuries and tiredness allows but also coming up with a most amazing idea to help Ariadne and Rory be able to pay for the surgery their unborn baby would have to go through. It was so sugary sweet there were times I was a bit tired of it. It was either the sweetness or Jeremy's struggle with accepting he IS an honest guy and so I was just a bit irritated with the sugariness. Yeah I loved seeing the amazing idea form wings and I loved seeing Jeremy getting better and form a real relationship with Aiden but I felt as though it stretched too much especially considering how this book began. I would have rather gotten this story in the format of the other ones in the series - shorter and more to the point. 

All in all I loved this series, the whole idea behind it! It was sweet and loving, each couple finding their HEA in a different way that was entirely their own. The whole knitting till their fingers drop was also endearing. Also getting to the last page and actually getting a "knitting recipe" for the most favorable piece in the book was funny and well, very original! 
I have so many more books by Amy to read in the near future which makes me extremely happy. I love how her books are so diverse, taking me on a different ride every time.     

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 243 pages, 20-23 March 2016 / On GoodReads

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