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Monday, February 29, 2016

Strangely Familiar by Cari Z.

What an enjoyable read! Though it's short, I was surprised we even got a sort of world building that made enough sense, a world, much like our own only containing witches, creatures etc who live freely within it. Cecily is a witch from a line of powerful witches, as the youngest in her family she has one more thing she needs to achieve - summon a familiar. While it's usually a natural thing which comes without much of an effort Cecily is quite surprised and frankly a bit  afraid when she finds out she attracted more than a mere Jaguar but a Were-Jaguar who isn't thrilled to be linked to anyone, a witch especially.

It was sweet and endearing seeing Cecily and Mauricio (the Were-Jaguar) bond with one another. It was a lot more than just witchcraft that brought them together, yeah they could sense each other better as the time passed, and they ARE connected and so being apart literally hurts, and yet what truly brought them together was learning to respect one another, or maybe just getting to know each other while being able to sense what's beneath the surface (with the added abilities as witch and her familiar). Mauricio made it VERY difficult for Cecily to connect, but in the end, I could totally understand his behavior, he never did something to hurt Cecily on purpose he just wanted what he used to have - freedom and he also wanted to know who is this woman he is forced to stay close to. In the end, they came together for a mutual reason, one Cecily could sense - his loneliness, so much like her own.   

I couldn't have asked for more in this one. I feel I got a whole story (yeah, a short one) in an hour's read. Fabulous! :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 43 pages, 29 February 2016 / On GoodReads

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