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Monday, February 29, 2016

In Memoriam by Cari Z.

This one was hell of a strange little story. I started reading it last night and I"m only being fair when I say I was DEAD tired so I the slow pace of the story, the picturesque town Felix and Lee are vacationing on made me even more sleepy (so I finished it this morning). There was a certain pull between these two even though they seem to come from different worlds and even though it's quite obvious that when each returns to his work they are bound to be apart (due to their occupations).

Yet if you thought this one is going to be a "regular" romance story - it isn't, there's a secret Felix keeps from Lee, up until Lee is ready to hear WHY they are so familiar with one another, HOW they can be so close after such a short time. I gotta say, I wasn't ready for THAT to happen and I"m not sure what I think about it. I was surprised, I still am. There IS something beautiful and sad about it all. 

As with all of Cari's books - I liked it. But I'm not sure why I didn't LOVE it. It was good, it gave the right vibe, especially for the idea behind this short novella and yet I feel as though I wasn't into the story enough, something was missing for me, or maybe I was missing from the story when reading it as tired as I was. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 50 pages, 28-29 February 2016 / On GoodReads

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