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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lima Oscar Victor Echo and The Truth About Everything by Suki Fleet

I decided to add this one by Suki and another shorter one (I"m going to start reading as soon as I"m finished with this review) after reading her short story in "Wish Come True" Anthology earlier this month. Originally I had more full novels but with moving out, moving in, unpacking and all of that I decided to change up a bit and add short reads I won't feel overly committed to. I'm SO happy I added this one now because Suki's published work is too damn long that I'm not sure when I"ll get around to it, but now that I've read another one by her, I'll do my best to add more ASAP (though that too might take time..).
So what am I saying here? pretty obvious - I LOVED IT! 

I"m stupid that way that without spelling it out for me, I didn't get that Lima Oscar Victor Echo means LOVE. I was waiting for Echo, Lima and Victor to put an entrance hehe (well, at least at the beginning! :D)

The story is told from both Oscar and Jamie's POV. They are best friends and though they went to school together, they didn't become friends then and there, only later on when Oscar was taking an animation course and they start working together in a music shop. It's obvious there is more to their friendship than just being good friends, well, to me it was, maybe because I could just FEEL the true connection between them through my kindle into my heart. 

Oscar is in a difficult situation, he put out there an application for a gay animation competition and he one the first round, now he has to make another video and he is worried that putting himself out there, in a video that might be shown in TV (if he wins), will make his life WAY more difficult. His dad won't understand, he can't accept him right now without knowing his sexual orientation, but at least if he wins, he'll have enough money to move to London from the small town in the valley and support himself through school. Yet it also means leaving Jamie behind, and though Jamie doesn't know Oscar is in love with him and he isn't sure what his reaction to that will be, just thinking of not seeing him ever again paralyzes him. But when truths are spelled out he couldn't be more surprised by Jamie's reaction or the help he gets from his friend Leah and her friends.

I'm not going to say more, just read it! It's sweet, it's fun, it's so on point emotionally I couldn't wait for the big reveal from both sides. A JOY to read.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 83 pages, 30 December 2015 / On GoodReads

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