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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Coming In From The Cold (Gravity #1) [Willow Reade & Dane "Danger" Hollister] by Sarina Bowen

Beautiful, sensitive, heart clenching and yet heart warming. Quite short yet giving us a feel of a full novel. Really enjoyed both main characters - Willow and Dane. They both had a tragic life, both not knowing how to get their happily ever after even if in the separate sense and not while looking for a significant other. 

Willow is stuck running a farm that she bought with a boyfriend that soon left her with debts making it impossible for her to pursue her real interest in life - finish her training as a Psychologist. On a stormy ride home to her chickens she crushes not into but close enough to Dane, an Alpine Ski Champion on his way to visit his dying brother. Stuck in his jeep until the storm is over they make a real connection. But Dane won't allow it to become more than a one time encounter as he knows that soon he would deal with the same illness his brother has and die slowly and horribly. I"m not going to write which disease it is, I took an educated guess since I've learnt of it in my BA. 

It was really heart clenching learning of Dane and his family, his past and the way he sees life, what he wishes in life is so simple, something we all overlook. Willow is perfect for him, a compassionate person, all heart no thorns (which is usually her downfall..). She sees him, feels him like no one ever has, and she isn't "impressed" by his Champion status or even think about it much. 

I loved how this story progressed, the fact that Dane wasn't a "saint" he said mean things while trying to keep away from Willow. But in a way, even at his worst, she always knew there is something else there keeping him from her. 

Though Willow considers herself an unlucky person and thinks she is brilliant at making mistakes - she deals with life and what it hands her with a kind of bravery and pure heart it's hard NOT to admire. It very obvious in every decision she made in life and generally how she lives her life. A very open, compassionate, loving person. She is truly what any doctor would recommend to someone like Dane. 

The ending was also beautiful. A bit too sugary at times and yet it was so fitting that I totally "forgive" the glucose over dose ;) 

I'm absolutely in love with Sarina's writing. I love the unique way she brings a story that could be so common yet it isn't. Yeah it's the famous guy and the anonymous one, and yet it's not even about that.  It's not even about a one night stand becoming a lot more in less than a day. It's about life. How we look at it, how we deal with it, and how the most simple things mean the most. Can't wait for the next one of Willow's best friend Callie. It's suppose to be out on January or February 2015 but I"m not sure when. Well, I'll have to be on my watch not to miss the launch! 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 190 pages, 27 December 2014 / On GoodReads

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