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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Shooting for the Stars (Gravity #3) [Stella Lazarus & Bryan "Bear" Barry] by Sarina Bowen

Another great book and a precious installment in the Gravity Series. Unlike the previous ones, I feel like you should read "Falling From the Sky" - Hank "Hazardous" Lazarus and Callie Anders book before you read this one. The first part of the book starts the day before Hank's accident and so if you haven't read his book, I feel like the next two parts of the book are going to spoiler some things. I think it's just better to get Hank's full story and what happened with him BEFORE you get all the "dry" details of his life in this one. 

In the previous book we got a little glimpse of both MC - Bryan "Bear" Barry and Stella Lazarus. Bear being Hank's best friend and Stella being Hank's sister. Yeah, it's exactly as it sounds - it's the story of the kid sister who falls for her brother's gorgeous best friend. Been there, done that, just unlike Stella I didn't get that hot guy so at least I can console myself with this crushingly beautiful love story where things actually work out in the end! Even if NOT as planned by either one of them. 

I must say, in my opinion most of the book was kinda sad. It was sad because both Stella and Bear were at SUCH a shitty point in life. Bear was out of job and funds, not knowing what to do with himself yet his first concern was always his best friend - Hank - and the shitty place HE was in, trying to help him out, trying to figure out a way out, a second chance for both of them. Though he always wanted Stella she was always someone out of his reach. His father didn't approve. He didn't think their lack of money would be appreciated by the rich Lazarus family. Bear himself always thought he wasn't good enough for her, especially now when he is unemployed.. not to mention he didn't think Hank would approve.. Stella deserve the best which he is clearly not. 

From Stella's POV, there is the struggle to somehow trying to keep her carrier as a Pro Snowboarder, but how could she with her parent's disapproval (meaning - no funding) and the fact she can't find any willing sponsors.. So she works for her parent's charity for a while until she is sick of being under their thumb and finds a job in the local bar (if you read the previous one, you already know that fact..). She always loved Bear, always wanted him, and after an amazing night together she doesn't even have time to dream about it coming true as everything comes crushing down in the morning when she finds out about Hank and his accident. 

I simply ADORED both MC. Stella is such a strong willful woman! So courageous, truly an inspiration! and Bear, what a sweet heart! Even if he seemed like a simply care-free guy in the previous installment when you get just what an amazing selfless best friend he is, there is NO OTHER WAY but to fall for him head over heels. Yeah he did stupid mistakes, we all do, and the ones he did with Stella were all because he was trying to guard the both of them, as well as be a good friend to Stella's brother. I hope Stella is taking good care of him now, he truly deserves it! 

The book is separated to three parts. As I mentioned above, the first one is mainly the day before Hank's accident and what happens between Stella and Bear after quite a lot of margaritas.. It also gives us the feel for both main characters, while they remember their past, growing up together side by side along with Hank. It's also the only part which doesn't give away anything of "Falling from the Sky"..  The second part is 10 months later and the sort of routine they both get into which is apart from one another. Dealing with what happened to Hank was crushing to both of them. Bear felt a traitor to his best friend, not wanting to even think about that night with Stella, and she was crushed even more by his rejection.  

The third and last part is the one that gives them a real chance as they are finally deal with the emotions that are clearly there. It takes place right after the ending of "Falling from the Sky" - yep, another possible spoiler to what's Hank up to after the horrible year he had. When I finally got to the very last part I was just crushed with their emotions - to one another as well as for each of them trying so hard to be the best that they can and actually find their place in the world and when they find the place, their own individual place but also find one another? I had that stupid smile on my face and felt somewhat like a love sick teenager all over again, as somehow I got what I wanted so bad back then through much more interesting characters (me included ;)). 

I really enjoyed seeing both of them doing what they need to do for themselves BEFORE they made their promises to one another. I remember myself, being young and stupid, but also miserable, I truly wanted to be "saved", to have this person beside me who will fight the battles I'm sick of fighting by / for myself. It took me a few years of growing up to realize that the best thing I can do for myself is actually fight those battles on my own and THEN after I'm more settled look for someone to enjoy the view with. I'm not saying Stella and Bear were perfectly peachy when they finally acknowledge their love to one another, but I do think that what they went through on their own, for a whole year apart from one another was something they both needed. 

The ending was sweet, yet though it can be considered perfect, or maybe because it's so perfect it was a bit too much for me. I didn't need that. I was content why just having them openly together and happy with having one another. 

I'm not actually sure if there will be more books in the series... maybe of Anya? (Stella's friend). don't know.. I'll read anything by Sarina so I guess it doesn't matter if it's going to be a part of this series, another series or a stand alone novel. I'm already a HUGE fan :) 
Next month the 4th book in The Ivy Years Series - "The Shameless Hour" is out and I can't wait to have my sticky greedy hands all over it! :)  

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 226 pages, 17-18 March 2015 / On GoodReads

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