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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Catch a Ghost (Hell or High Water #1) by SE Jakes

I originally read this book in the beginning of 2014. I'd say it's been a while ;) But now was the right time to re-read (or rather - re-listen) as Jakes has FINALLY released the 4th and last installment in the series. I'm re-writing my review since I found it to be too all over the place. 

I'll start by saying I really enjoyed this one. It's fast paced and though the relationship buildup can be "tedious" at times I mostly blame myself.. I'm used to stand alone books, at least where relationship are concerned, but this one is more realistic because these two hardened men, who have LOADS of secrets and issues, NEED their time before an emotional relationship can form. I actually really appreciated that because it was more believable seeing them act upon their attraction but MUCH more hesitant to show ANY kind of emotion and care toward one another. 

Prophet Drews has worked for EE Enterprise - a private security and operations company - almost from it's beginning. Though he seemed to have a lot of misgivings with the big boss - Phil Butler - in the end, he knows Phil is grooming him to replace him once he is off the field and THAT will happen sometime soon though WHEN exactly they don't know. Prophet has known for a while now he has a medical condition which in the end render him blind. That's a HUGE secret Prophet keeps from most of everyone around him. But that's not his only secret.. His past, mostly losing his best friend since childhood - John Morse - while serving as Navy SEALs together changed him. He is determined even years later to find out what TRULY happened to him. 

Tom Boudreaux is new at EE. Lucky or unlucky for him, Phil was planning on partnering him with Prophet who seems to be unable to keep a partner. Well, it wasn't much easier for Tom. While Prophet simply doesn't get "attached", Tom's ex-partners were ALL killed. bad luck they say. Bad luck. 

They are both quite reluctant to working together but their first case throws them into the water if they like it or not and this case is VERY personal for Prophet. John's younger brother Christopher gets killed in what seems to be a wrestling fight. Trying to find the one to blame for the murder is much more difficult than they anticipated but generally through bitching and complaining about one another, being unable to fully trust each other they still seems to work well together. But mostly injury prevents them from finding more than the basics about the case. 

Regrouping after getting well takes them even further from the case, since it's not really a "case" for EE anymore. But the person who got Christopher killed hasn't said the last word and so he takes someone else Prophet cares about and this time they are WAY over their heads. This is when the past truly comes knocking on Prophet's door and Tom unable to look away follows him to (almost) a certain death.

While this book doesn't end with a cliff hanger or anything like it, it's a very unstable place for Prophet and Tom. Too many things were said and even more were UNSAID between them. Tom has made many attempts to get closer to Prophet who in turn keeps pushing him away and Tom is sick and tired of it. Prophet from his side KNOWS he is pushing Tom for the wrong reasons but it's much easier for him to keep flirting with his Spook friend next door - Cillian - than accepting Tom's attempts and actually ACTING upon his feelings. But it's so difficult especially after all the stuff from his past floating around him, now more than ever. 

Originally I gave this book 4 stars review for a very specific reason and I still stand behind it. This series is TOO similar to "Cut & Run" by Abigail Roux. While I enjoyed this series, I can't ignore the HUGE resemblance between Ty to Prophet and Zane to Tom. They have similar traits and mannerisms and also there are some sub-plots or issues from both characters' past which are strangely similar. Yet I accept these two series ARE different and for me they both have a place. 

I'll be continuing on to listen to the next one very soon :)

Originally Read (Kindle Edition): 26-27 January 2014.

Read on:
5-7 February 2019

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