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Winter Wolf (Axton & Leander #1) by S.P. Wayne

OUTSTANDING! I can't believe I waited this long (had it for 5 years!) I'm already holding myself from starting the next one as I have SO MUCH to do today (including all the things I neglected yesterday... Literally didn't put it down until I was finished). What a beautiful ride. Loved EVERY SECDOND of it. This is simply a MUST READ. 

Axton Rhoden is quite content in his life. After being thrown from his pack for being gay, he stumbles around until he finds the land he is currently living on. It's his haven with mountains, forests and streams. His own little paradise. Being on his own, spending his time part time as a Wolf and part time as a Human with all his daily tasks keeps him busy and mostly content. He isn't interested in human company, he had enough of those. When sunny California guy Leander Avilez buys the cabin "next door", Axton is worried. The good natured, friendly neighbor isn't what he needs right now. But it's getting harder and harder to say no to the guy.. 

While Leander doesn't stay in the cabin full time, he comes a few times a year for a bit. With Leander's encouragement they spend quite a lot of time together even if/when Axton sends mixed signals. It's obvious they enjoy being together and with each visit Axton gets more and more attached and finds the days after Leander leaves mournful, waiting for his return. The story is told in a rather strange way, mostly from Axton's POV but it's mixed in with Leander's thoughts (still mostly Axton) and a bit of third person. It was confusing at first, especially with not so few typos but honestly the story was so good, interesting, funny, engaging that I really didn't care about those things. I only wanted more-more-more. 

The synopsis of the books, IMO, reveals too much. It almost follows the books' progression closely in a way that left very little "surprises" for me as a reader. Yet what made the impact was the beautiful friendship Axton and Leander build together even with all of Axton's secrets. Leander can't keep away himself. He trusts Axton. Maybe he shouldn't but he does. I really enjoyed the progression of their relationship, the way they got closer with each visit, Axton's behavior was hot-cold at times, being worried about Leander realizing his secrets and having a hard time with not being able to have Leander the way he craves. We aren't a lot in Leander's head so it's hard to understand where he was coming from. I think nearing the end he was really frustrated with Axton but mostly he was accepting - the exact thing Axton was missing from his life. Axton gave Leander everything he could, it wasn't always easy for him but Leander knew somehow how to amp it up little by little with each of his visits. 

The story ends on a promise as their story will be told in the next two books. For me it was more than enough especially having the next one(s) in my hands. 

The only thing left to say is READ IT. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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20 August 2021


Axton & Leander is a Paranormal Series by S.P. Wayne. Sadly, This is (currently) her only published work, this series giving us the full romantic arc of Axton Rhoden / Rodion Vuk and Leander Avilez. It follows Axton, a recluse gay Werewolf living in the mountains in his cabin by his own with very little to no human contact. When Leander moves to the cabin 'next door' (even if only for holidays) Axton isn't sure what he feels. Worried, interested, concerned (for himself, for Leander), hopeful maybe? 

These three books follow their journey to a Happily Every After, as they find a way to not only navigate their relationship but also the Werewolf / Human world.

It's an OUTSTANDING series THE BEST shifter series I've ever read and I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMEND it.

1. Winter Wolf (Published 21 December 2012) ★★★★★
2. City Wolf (Published 12 February 2014) ★★★★★
3. Everything Carries Me To You (Published 13 February 2015) ★★★★★ 

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