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City Wolf (Axton & Leander #2) by S.P. Wayne

WOW! I don't even know where to start, I don't even know what to say. I just want to delve into the next one. The way this installment ended crashed me to little pieces and I don't know how I'll be able to live my mundane life (meaning finish my pressing to-do-list) and NOT block everything and just sit and read. I sat yesterday till 4 a.m.! Woke up to read a bit more, then on my coffee break and finally finished sitting in my car before I left work. I can't remember when I felt this way about a book or rather series. I feel lost. swimming in a sea of uncertainty waiting for Axton and Leander to find their way to happiness. 

Just in case I wasn't clear - this installment was SUPERB in every sense. It was a bit different in that it had not just Leander and Axton but also friends and family as well as quite a bit of action sprinkled in, then a total EXPLOSSION near the end. I'm not over it. It wasn't a cliffhanger, and yet it was still soul crushing. 

It's impossible to read this installment without the previous one. It will be dishonorable to Wayne and to yourself so if you haven't read the first one, go away - and read it! - then come back :) We end the previous one with Leander offering Axton a flight to LA for a visit. While Axton REALLY wants to spend time with Leander, leaving his sanctuary isn't easy for him, yet once he is reunited with Leander he has  very hard time considering going back (or rather, leaving Leander). He is so happy with Leander even when things aren't easy and familiar. Yet as time goes by he gets used to his surrounding, his life with Leander and his close family and friends. Leander is also extremely happy having Axton to himself but also being able to share him with the people he cares about. He has his own struggles which I appreciated Wayne brought up. Being into women all his life and now finding himself in a relationship with a man - as well as a Werewolf - wasn't always easy for him. He loves Axton, he also has no problem introducing him around (especially to his loved ones) and yet there are times he is unsure and conflicted which to me felt very genuine. 

Axton couldn't be more surprised with how welcoming Leander's gals - Sarah, Rosa, Christina and her girls - were towards him. It added a surprising warmth to his whole city experience. What neither him nor Leander expected was Dana - a Werewolf from Axton's past who had his own opinions about the life Axton was building alongside Leander. He might be a little right at some points but he mostly didn't get what and why Axton need for Leander suppressed everything he was told and taught. Yet Dana was more than just persistent. He simply COULDN'T accept Axton's resolve and that brought a whole lot of trouble into their lives. 

I'm going to stop here. I really enjoyed this one. It showed us how well Leander and Axton can and do work together while also showing us it wasn't always sunshine and roses (yet filled with hilarious moments). They both struggled, each with his own issues and they both did their best to be what the other wanted and needed. It was helped this one had a more-or-less split of the POVs (unlike the previous one which was mostly Axton). The way these two see each other is beautiful beyond words. That's without mentioning THE words, the ones Leander kept finding to express his love and devotion to Axton. These two - total swoon. 

~sigh~ why did I start reading this series in one of the most stressful and burdened weeks of this whole year? why?


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21-22 August 2021


Axton & Leander is a Paranormal Series by S.P. Wayne. Sadly, This is (currently) her only published work, this series giving us the full romantic arc of Axton Rhoden / Rodion Vuk and Leander Avilez. It follows Axton, a recluse gay Werewolf living in the mountains in his cabin by his own with very little to no human contact. When Leander moves to the cabin 'next door' (even if only for holidays) Axton isn't sure what he feels. Worried, interested, concerned (for himself, for Leander), hopeful maybe? 

These three books follow their journey to a Happily Every After, as they find a way to not only navigate their relationship but also the Werewolf / Human world.

It's an OUTSTANDING series THE BEST shifter series I've ever read and I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMEND it.

1. Winter Wolf (Published 21 December 2012) ★★★★★
2. City Wolf (Published 12 February 2014) ★★★★★
3. Everything Carries Me To You (Published 13 February 2015) ★★★★★ 

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