Sunday, February 14, 2021

Angels in the City by Garrett Leigh

I'm so happy I chose this book yesterday! It was such a wonderful read I read it in just one sitting! While the holidays are long gone (and I don't celebrate Christmas as it is) I have no problem reading these kind of easy reads. Though there is a bit of angst as you'd expect from Garrett, but I think far less than the usual. I'd still call it a feel good story. Loved the opposites attract and the whole vibe of two people looking for the most casual thing and finding so much more than they ever wished for. 

Jonah Gray has everything he wants in life. He is rich (and you could say famous). He has a small yet successful advertising firm which he loves with employees who simply adore him (it's easy to see why..). He lives in a beautiful apartment and generally wants for nothing. Well, his mother wants at least ONE thing more - a significant other. She'd especially appreciate him coming with a date to her annual fundraiser. Honestly he would love a distraction from one specific man.. But alas finishing his day at the office, entering the elevator, he accepts his "fate". Yet right before the doors closes a guy rushes in and from there - EVERYTHING changes. Spending less than half an hour in the elevator with said stranger Jonah finds himself inviting the guy to enjoy fancy champagne and canap├ęs.

Sacha Ivanov didn't have anything special to do at the end of another day at the office - his new job. He lives a rather solitary life, no friends and barely a human connection at work. I'm not sure they enjoyed the fundraiser but they had GRAND time at Jonah's apartment after. Since Jonah doesn't date and Sacha doesn't do second anything there is no promise of anything more. 

It doesn't mean they aren't looking for each other at work each day.. Working on the same floor (different companies) means there are enough opportunities to see each other but while both men look for one another it takes them a while to re-connect. Jonah offers friendship, Sacha amends to friendship with benefits. It mostly works. While Jonah is "people person", Sacha is the exact opposite He might be highly driven and hard working but his socializing is HURENDOUS. Yet somehow he and Jonah WORK. They seem to understand each other (mostly...), they enjoy each other's company and the sex is amazing. But as the days go by Jonah starts to want more, Sacha might be thinking the same thing but it scares him enough to back down, afraid to change his hard won ideals of how he should live his life. 

That's where the angst comes in. I don't want to say anything not to spoiler I'll just say I really appreciated how Jonah handled the situation from his end, and while Sacha wasn't always an easy to like guy, I think I got where he came from and I could see a change in him throughout the book, not only because of Jonah but he sure had an impact. I think the way the book progressed felt realistic. Both men needed to to see this thing could really work out and be ready for what it means to be truly together. 


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