Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Yarn Wrangler by Charlie Cochet

This was SUCH a sweet read. I LOVED it. Though it's quite short there's actually enough length of time for the MCs to get to know each other for the story to feel genuine even if a lot happens "in between". I gotta say I would have LOVED getting a whole novel with all the little details and getting more of how things ended up. But that's just me being greedy hehe

Simon is officially broke and it's not only or even mainly because he got fired from his job as an attorney. It's because his reckless and spoiled boyfriend spent it ALL on one too many shopping sprees. That's how he finds himself answering an add helping someone organize an inconceivable amount of yarn..

Liam inherited his beloved grandmother's house only to realize she became a yarn hoarder. Each room, every potentially empty space was filled to the ceiling with yarn so in order to actually LIVE inside the house he has no other choice but get it all OUT. That's not a job for one rather small guy which is why he published an add for help.

He's happy for Simon's help though he is a bit uncertain about Bonner the boyfriend (yeah, that's his name) basically hanging around and doing nothing. It makes things easier and yet more difficult. It's obvious Simon and Bonner don't work out, and it's also so very evident him and Liam do. But neither is the kind to cheat and so when a rather surprising solution comes along they embrace it.

Strangely through this solution Simon is able to not lose his childhood friend who is just unsuited as his boyfriend as well as get closer to his family. That's where I wish we got more. There could have been a lot more opportunity to explore Simon's past (as well as his future) in a longer novel but I'm content with what we got. It rather felt like a whole story one where I could feel the HEA.

This story was originally published in the Heart2Heart Charity Anthology, Vol 3 and is now available as a free read through the link bellow.

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