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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Liam Davis & The Raven (Love Inscribed #1) by Anyta Sunday

While generally speaking this could be considered an endearing light read, it has SO MUCH MORE to it than just the romance between Liam and Quinn. Though it's not specifically mentioned I feel like Liam is somewhere on the Autistic spectrum (High functioning Asperger I'd guess). I think the way Anyta brought Liam to life, the way he interacted with his (new) friends made him more than just genuine but also VERY relate-able. There is also Hunter and his unique and positive look at life though he is not oblivious to how other people perceive him.

Liam Davis has a goal and he is determined to succeed. He wants to be the editor in the "Scribe" magazine, it's just the right promotion he needs from the Political page to impress his father enough to be hired by him when he finishes college. But when the year starts and he is assigned the PARTY page he is determined to do his job exceptionally well even though besides college lectures the only place he goes is the "Scribe" offices.. A party? Saying it mildly it's not his thing.. But he'll make it work.

He isn't that impressed with his first party. He has an angle he can write about but things get out of hand when he is attacked than saved by "The Raven" the campus' vigilante. There is very little he actually manages to see before he loses conscious. Luckily Shannon and Quinn find him and take him to the ER. That's NOT how he envisioned this night or assignment especially considering Quinn was his angle at the party (and he might be a bit offended by how Liam portrayed him in his notorious notebook).

Liam continues going to the parties to try and excel at his new column but what he finds there couldn't be more surprising. He actually finds FRIENDS. Liam lives on his own, he has barely any connection with anyone. He even considers getting a cat once he realizes that if he would have suddenly died no one would even notice him gone. Well, maybe the chief of the magazine (one could hope). It actually starts with Travis Hunter who is trying to hide from his sister who is no other than Shannon. It's just that Shannon is a bit over protective of her brother who might have an upper strength of a body builder but he sits on a wheel chair. Hunter doesn't want the extra attention (or worry) he can manage on his own and the easy going guy has NO problem making Liam his friend even if Liam himself isn't sure about the whole thing. But it turns out it's quite difficult to say no to the guy.

Quinn Sullivan on the other hand is a different matter. They don't really start on the right foot. Not with what Liam wrote about him in his notebook and not the fact that on their ride to the hospital he didn't call him "his angel" but "his angle". Though Liam is nice enough to offer Quinn a place to stay (since he just found out his boyfriend cheated on him so he doesn't really have anywhere to go) but Quinn isn't sure about the guy with his strange rather formal speech and the odd way he looks at things.

Yet Liam somehow DID make an impression so when Quinn feels like he offended Liam he tries to apologize and from there a friendship slowly builds up.  Including Quinn accepting Liam's offer of moving in with him. Poor Quinn the mixed signals Liam kept sending his way. It's not Liam's fault he never felt anything like his strange attraction (physical and mental) to Quinn. It was truly endearing seeing these two get closer together. Quinn's obvious frustration as well as Liam's rational thoughts little by little crumbling down.

Through it all there is Liam's mission of writing the best column he can, even if it's about something he knows nothing about as well as trying to figure out more about The Raven, though what he finds isn't exactly what he expected.

This novel is not that long, but somehow it packed a lot of issues together and managed to bring a true love story entwined with more serious matters like acceptance and diversity. I actually wish Anyta would write Hunter's story. He SO deserves it

[THANK YOU ANYTA for writing "Marc Jillson & The Gazebo" - Hunter's book!]


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2-3 September 2019

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