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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Old Loyalty, New Love (L'Ange #1) [Quade & Roman] by Mary Calmes

This book was AWESOME! I LOVED both Quade and Roman and especially their banter and how much they cared for one another and each was frustrated about the way things are between them - somehow on the verge of a real relationship and yet it isn't..

At 35, Quade Danas finds himself the bodyguard of the 17 years old Roman Howell. Quade is a Jackal Shifter but he was banished from his family and pack when he was Roman's age because of his sexuality. His father wasn't willing to accept him the way he is, even if it's obvious from Quade's ancestry and special powers he is the one who suppose to lead the pack when he matures. After years in the military Quade tried to get back but it doesn't work the way he thought and so again he drifts  away from home where he accidentally saves Roman's parents who offer him a job on the spot.

Now, 11 years later, he realizes he needs to move on again, he and Roman have become a lot more than a rich guy and his bodyguard.. it's the kind of close friendship and secret attraction Quade is simply cannot act upon. He can see his feelings mirrored on Roman's face but Roman is young, he deserved so much better than what Quade has to offer, not to mention the age difference, the secrets he keeps (about being a shifter) and lastly he truly believes Roman's feelings are merely gratitude for everything he has done for him in the years they spent together with Quade being a kind of a mentor to the young man.

Roman knows himself, he also knows Quade and he is SURE the right place, the ONLY place Quade needs to be - is by his side. A few months after Quade started working as his bodyguard Roman was almost burned alive in a car crash leaving him heavily scarred. He goes through extensive surgeries for years, but in the end, there is limit to what the doctors can do. The person who helps him, accepts him, and SEES him - from the inside - is Quade. He's the only one who knows him. What he wants and needs, he is a true friend and companion and with everything else he appreciates about the man (including his body..) how can he NOT fall in love?

The whole story is told from Quade's POV but actually Roman's thoughts are always there since he has NO PROBLEM articulating them and making SURE Quade understands he will NOT give up on him, he will NOT allow him to leave his side and he is sure going to make Quade ADMIT that they feel the same so no reason for neither of them to resist the other. Quade TRIES to play "hard to get", but Roman makes it quite impossible.. and since he does share Roman's feelings... as the saying goes - "Resistance is futile" hehe

Yet the story doesn't focus ONLY on Roman and Quade's relationship, or rather it's transformation from friendship to relationship, it also deals with Quade's pack. After almost 30 years away he finds himself unable to deny his sister's request to safe her family and basically the whole pack but once he does that he needs to decide what it means, or rather, where does he belong now?

I literally read this WHOLE book in one sitting. I LOVED IT TO PIECES. It was beautifully written, funny and witty and I also enjoyed the little hints (mostly near the end) about the next couple in the series. Truly can't wait! WONDERFUL book, HIGHLY recommended!!!

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16 June 2018

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