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Smiling Irish (The Summerhaven Trio #2) [Tierney & Burr] by Katy Regnery

Outstanding! You know what's the best way to know if a book is absolutely GREAT? When you sit and read the WHOLE thing in one go. That's how this one went for me. I literally made ONE break to feed to dogs hehe (not being fed on time is a HUGE offense in this house). Tierney and Burr story, their romance, crushed my heart in the best possible way. I LOVED it! I loved the way it progressed, the sort of faith and belief they had in one another and in a better future. I loved how they saw the absolute best in one another and cherished it. SUCH a beautiful story. 

In a way I have nothing to add hehe you should just go ahead and read it yourself and let us all be done with it! If you haven't read the first one you definitely SHOULD but it's not really a must. Tierney's way of life and the circumstances which brought Burr into her world made this one mostly about the two of them though her two brothers have enough appearances. Can I just add I can't wait for Ian's story?  

I'm not really going to give up on writing a whole review! I have A LOT to say and I intend to say it! :)

Tierney Haven is someone I can really relate to. On my dating app profile there's this question saying - what's the most intimate thing you are willing to admit about yourself. I wrote "I would mostly prefer to read". This sentence sums up my life. No matter what's the occasion, if you leave me a choice do whatever or stay at home to read - I'd prefer to read.  It's an introvert thing. So the way Tierney has build her life seems the most perfect this EVER! She lives in an estate which is also a Museum, she is in charge of the tours around the estate and also lives in a small cottage there as a part of the bargain.  Listen, if Tierney EVER decides to leave - I'm taking it. Tierney's life is quiet. She loves the estate, touring it all by herself or with tourists who come to explore and learn about it. She has a totally peace of mind a few months a year when there are no tours - all this huge place to herself. Away from humanity and yet not THAT far away from the nearest town where her brothers live. Perfect. 

She can barely admit it to herself but she is starting to get lonely. She really doesn't know what to do about it though.. she is shy and reserved, the kind of girl guys mostly label in the "friend zone". So when Burr O’Leary stumbles into her life, her house really, she can't even imagine what he will bring into her life. 

I don't want to say much about Burr's situation because I really enjoyed getting it little by little through what he thought and what he shared with Tierney (yep, this one is a dual POV which I also really enjoy). I WILL say he is in a VERY dangerous situation and stumbling half delusional into her house in the middle of the night literally saved his life. Tierney starts out frightened out of her mind, but little by little she realizes Burr COULDN'T be a bad guy so she does her best to help him out. Though one of the things she did for him warmed his heart it also put her in danger as well as making it important he stays and makes sure she won't get hurt because of it. 

From here on it's mostly Tierney and Burr, sharing a house together. Feeling the attraction, the connection grows from the many hours they spend together but though they both CRAVE for one another, Burr won't distract himself from his mission (keeping her safe and not putting her in more danger) and so they somehow agree to "wait" till everything is settled and they can be together. So they aren't really friends, but they are not lovers. They are getting to know one another, learning to trust one another. It was heart warming to watch the two of them together. The Irish heritage is making it much more easy for them to connect and makes a sort of basic ground for them to grow from. 

Though both Burr and Tierney are frustrated with the situation they are still drawn to each other in a way that makes it really clear they'll do whatever is needed so they can be together, and yet reality is much more difficult. Burr's life is in Boston, 3 hours away, while Tierney hates the city and her life is already happily built around the estate she takes care of, with maintaining the place and being in charge of the tours. She isn't interested in leaving and he is lost in his need to finally be able to return home to his job and his family. It was heart breaking to watch but I think it had a sort of hope that made it clear every step of the way that they WON'T give up on one another. They'll wait. It WILL happen. They just need time. 

I loved Burr and Tierney together. Her sassiness and how he reacted to it, his NEED for her and what she offered him so freely - a Haven - just like her name suggests. Tierney has so much to offer, she might be introverted and mostly keeps to herself but in the right company she truly shines. Burr sees it right from the start. He LOVES that about her. He also appreciates her more than words. But besides that he is also SO GOOD to her. He sees her truly, he adores her and shows her his appreciating. He is really a great guy. He had a few VERY difficult years and the one thing he could have hoped for but never would have dream of is someone like her. 

I can probably rumble for another hour about all the things I loved about this one but I think I've said enough and hopefully not to much ;) 

Can't recommend this one enough! I love Katy's books and this one is no different. It's one of my absolute favorite by her for sure! Though I feel kinda stupid because with each book I read I feel exactly that all over again making it VERY hard for me to decide which one actually IS my favorite hehe

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 

This book is out tomorrow - April 3rd - It can be pre-ordered through the links bellow. 

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April 2018

The Summerhaven Trio is a Contemporary Romance (MF) series by Katy Regnery. It tells the romantic tale of the triplet - Rory, Ian and Tierney Haven. The three grew up in the exclusive Summerhaven camp (now turned into a convention center). Though they are united as siblings and a part of a triplet they are still single and looking to the love of their lives. 

Before the series was said and done, Katy surprised us with a final short novella of Finian - The triplet's cousin not only coming to Rory's wedding, but also finding his HEA as well. As was the previous ones - it was also a treat. 

All books in this series were sweet and endearing but it doesn't mean we they don't deal with real life issues which was heart breaking and great at the same time ;) I think the second was my favorite maybe because identifying with Tierney was too easy for me :)

1. Fighting Irish [Rory Haven & Brittany "Britt" Manion(Published 26 February 2018)
2. Smiling Irish [Tierney Haven & Burr O’Leary] (Published 3 April 2018)
3. Loving Irish [Ian Haven & Halcyon "Hallie" Gilbert] (Published 26 June 2018)
4. Catching Irish [Finian Kelley & Tate Jennings] (Published 20 August 2018) ★½

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