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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Ever After by Riley Hart & Christina Lee

I LOVED this one, thought it broke my heart to pieces too many times to count. This love story was SO beautiful and endearing and yet there was so much sorrow with two men who are destined to remain apart not only because of their difference in station but mostly because the combination of that with them being gay. 

The feel of the story was simply incredible. I labeled this one "Contemporary" but it's not. It's a Fairy-Tale without the "magic" part or rather it's a timeless romance novel. There are things that might be considered "modern" but maybe not so much, there are things that are "missing" from modern times but they didn't feel necessary or even relevant. It really gave the whole story a special vibe that made it about the story, the couple, and not specifically of a time and place, which also made it more relate-able. It's not JUST a fairy tale, it's a story that happens and happened before and possible would keep on happening (until we evolve past labels and positions, hopefully..).

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Fighting Irish (The Summerhaven Trio #1) [Rory & Britt] by Katy Regnery

Loved this one! What a sweet and endearing story! Loved both Rory and Britt as well as the beautiful setting of the Summerhaven resort. What we got of the other two of the Haven triplets - Ian and Tierney made me SO interested in seeing how THEY get their HEA. 

Rory Haven grew up with his two siblings (triplets) Ian and Tierney in a beautiful resort were their parents (and grandparents before) welcomed  privileged kids for their summer vocation. One Thing their mother was VERY clear on was no fraternize with the guests. Rory, a good kid, did his best to stay away from the beautiful Brittany Manion so all they did was share stolen glances in the 4 years she went to the summer camp. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Auspicious Troubles of Chance (The Auspicious Troubles of Love #1) [Chance & Jacky] by Charlie Cochet

I'm not sure why really but I didn't connect with Chance, our sole POV. He started with a lot of "telling" of his personal history and continued with not enough of "showing". Chance had a very difficult life, being unwanted for too many years and when he finally found himself everyone he cared about were tragically taken away from him. Not knowing where to go now he finds himself in the French Legion looking for a commander that is said to be able to make a "proper soldier" out of him. Same man will turn out to be a lot more than just his officer.

I'll admit I haven't read a lot of this one. After 25%, which isn't a lot page-wise considering it's not a long novel, I felt isn't for me. Chances' way of thinking, his general disposition towards life didn't appeal to me.. So I figured I'll just let it go.. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Lingus by Mariana Zapata

After reading "The Wall of Winnipeg and Me" I knew I needed to read more by Mariana, when I've heard she also own Great Danes there was NO WAY I wasn't scheduling all of her books ASAP hehe. This was Mariana's first book and I gotta say I really enjoyed it! :) I'm usually not that into long romance novels (unless they are of the PNR genre) but the "slow burn" works SO WELL with Mariana's writing. 

This is a sort of "unlikely" romance story in which our sweet and in a way innocent young woman - Katherine Berger - falls for the porn star and he in turn falls madly with her as well. You would think it's going to be a kinky story but though there are jokes and sexual innuendos, this was a sweet story of a two strangers becoming best friends and little by little falling in love. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bobby Green (Johnnies #5) [Vern "Bobby" & Reg "Digger"] by Amy Lane

This was NOT what I was expecting and I'm SO sad that this one didn't work for me as much as the previous ones in the series which were AWESOME. They were not what I was expecting in a good way considering "Johnnies" is a company which makes Porn.. I just had a hard time connecting with the story or rather with Vern and Reg and from what happened until I stopped I think it won't work for me further on. 

I've read the previous installments two years ago, and though I remember I loved them, I don't remember too many things. It quite annoyed me frankly to have all those characters I remember yet I don't remember ENOUGH to feel comfortable with the setting. With Reg and Bobby, frankly I don't remember anything about them. So in a way it was like starting anew. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Brooklynaire (Brooklyn Bruisers #4) [Nate & Rebecca] by Sarina Bowen

It was sure worth it to wait for Nate and Rebecca's story :) I loved it to pieces and not only because I've missed this series so much! I'm not a hockey fan, it's not that I have anything against it, I just haven't actually SEEN a game in my life but through reading the books I SO wish I had someone to watch a game, any game, and help me figure out what's going on out there on the rink!

The story line of this book and the previous one ("Pipe Dreams") is very similar so you should know that reading anyone of them before the other would spoiler SOMETHING though mostly tidy bits. I didn't mind any of that really because even if you read this one as a stand alone (which you totally can!) it's obvious who's the couple in the previous one, and if you've read any of the previous ones you KNOW Becca and Nate MUST find their way to each other's arms. The only other spoiler refers to the state of the team which doesn't matter that much to the story itself so I didn't mind that as well.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Do Over by Serena Bell

I have this really annoying habit of NOT reading synopsis of books by authors I already know I love. It's not suppose to be annoying, it's just that when an author enters my insta-buy list I don't even bother because I BELIEVE it's going to be great no matter what the story is about. Yet there ARE things that are less than appealing to me.. so imagine my surprise when a 4 years old INVADED my book! 😲😣

So basically most of my issue with this book is totally and absolutely about ME and what I prefer to read or rather prefer not to read in my books. For me, kids destroy the fun, the relationship buildup and insert all those cute-sy moments I cringe at. Not every book with a kid does that, but in this one, Gabe has quite a big part. So I say if you enjoy kids in your novels or you don't dislike it as much as I do - totally and absolutely give it a go! 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

February 2018 Reading List

Let's be truthful, January was quite a horrible month for me. I had a lot of issues to deal with which meant me being stressful, sick (as usual) and also have very little to no time to read. 

I have very little I want for this month in particular. I want to regain normalcy mostly. To be able not to run around my tail and yet be able to sort out everything I have in mind to do - including reading. 

This month I'm not going to miss the new releases by Serena Bell (though technically from last month - 30th), Sarina Bowen, Amy Lane and Katy Regnery SO EXCITED about each of them! But there are also more I have in mind - Charlie and Mariana as a part of my yearly "project". 

I'm wishing myself GOOD LUCK and to you happy reading whatever you decide to read :)

Statistics (will be filled at the end of the month)
Total Books: 5 +(  2 DNF )
Total Pages: 1760
Pages per day: ~63
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♥ Historical Romance