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Brooklynaire (Brooklyn Bruisers #4) [Nate & Rebecca] by Sarina Bowen

It was sure worth it to wait for Nate and Rebecca's story :) I loved it to pieces and not only because I've missed this series so much! I'm not a hockey fan, it's not that I have anything against it, I just haven't actually SEEN a game in my life but through reading the books I SO wish I had someone to watch a game, any game, and help me figure out what's going on out there on the rink!

The story line of this book and the previous one ("Pipe Dreams") is very similar so you should know that reading anyone of them before the other would spoiler SOMETHING though mostly tidy bits. I didn't mind any of that really because even if you read this one as a stand alone (which you totally can!) it's obvious who's the couple in the previous one, and if you've read any of the previous ones you KNOW Becca and Nate MUST find their way to each other's arms. The only other spoiler refers to the state of the team which doesn't matter that much to the story itself so I didn't mind that as well.

The book mostly deals with the present but we do get a few glimpses into the past, when Nate and Rebecca first met, their earlier interactions and the moments that made their connection as strong as it is today. In the present, Nate is the "Big Boss" and Rebecca is the office manager of the "Brooklyn Bruisers" but they are to extent also very good friends who would do anything they can for each other. Oddly enough the thing that pushes them apart is their mutual attraction and dare I say love they have for one another, something they do their best to conceal from everyone but mostly from themselves.

Becca had the most stupid accident ever, she slipped on the ice and found herself with a concussion that won't go away. Her life isn't very easy right now. She is working to support herself but she also have on her mind her sister and her boyfriend as well as their baby. So not working for two weeks sounds HORRIBLE to her, not to mention it also means Lauren who HATES hockey is the one who suppose to substitute for her.. Oy Vey! 

As her condition isn't getting better Nate is getting worried. He misses her terribly so it's enough that he can't see her, knowing she is not well doesn't agree with him AT ALL. So he does the one thing he can think of and it's offering her a place to stay - HIS place (though he is mostly not there with business getting a bit complicated). 

Being close to one another in the little time Nate is actually home as well as on their trips with the team somehow changes things between them. Nate SO wants to pursue a relationship with Becca. He KNOWS she is the one for him, she has been for years now, but how to convince her it's truly his heart's desire and not some "whim" of his. Becca isn't "impressed" by Nate's attraction to her, she is attracted to him as well, it doesn't mean anything can come out of it. Especially since she is still the office manager (when she actually goes to work..) and though he is not her immediate boss, he IS the big boss - the one who owns the team. 

They circle around each other. Wanting yet not daring to touch and when they finally do and it turns EXPLOSIVE, they aren't sure how to continue. They both find it so hard to admit their feelings and to actually ask for what they want, what they wanted for SO LONG. 

It's obvious from every interaction between the two they care for one another. They each make mistakes and act in ways they shouldn't. I got both of them with how confusing it all was for them especially after years of being friends. So prepare yourselves for one hell of a ride, with sexy times between two geeks :) mentioning geeks I LOVED Nate's British "butler"! he was a great add to the story. So much like the both of them really. 

There are 3 (!) interesting characters I wonder if Sarina has any intentions on.. One is Becca's new assistant (since she can't work full time), she started out a little annoying but I, like Becca, fell for her sweet charm as well :) Another one is Alex (Nate's best friend from college) there's a bit going on with her and I wonder where it's going to go. The last one I'm not sure about is Nate's ex. Something is going on there.. Maybe she'll get a little redemption for her acts.. 

I really enjoyed this one! It was a bit long but I still couldn't put it down and mostly I didn't! I LOVE Sarina's writing and her characters who feel so very genuine and real to me. I feel like there actually ARE a Becca and Nate somewhere in Brooklyn and I wish I could go to the Bruisers' rink and meet them as well as the rest of the team. 

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 

This book is out TODAY - 12 February 2018 - Grab it now through the links below.

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10-11 Feb-2018

Once upon a time Sarina Bowen built one hell of an imaginary College, it has been a true pleasure graduating with wonderful new couples in the Ivy Years, but the guys (and gals) have graduated though they never stopped playing their favorite sports - Hockey. So when we met the all grown up Trevi he is now a new player in the "Brooklyn Bruisers" NHL team. The series continues to follow the other members of the team (old and new) and it's an absolute SUPERB, fun, sexy and engaging series.


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