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Fighting Irish (The Summerhaven Trio #1) [Rory & Britt] by Katy Regnery

Loved this one! What a sweet and endearing story! Loved both Rory and Britt as well as the beautiful setting of the Summerhaven resort. What we got of the other two of the Haven triplets - Ian and Tierney made me SO interested in seeing how THEY get their HEA. 

Rory Haven grew up with his two siblings (triplets) Ian and Tierney in a beautiful resort were their parents (and grandparents before) welcomed  privileged kids for their summer vocation. One Thing their mother was VERY clear on was no fraternize with the guests. Rory, a good kid, did his best to stay away from the beautiful Brittany Manion so all they did was share stolen glances in the 4 years she went to the summer camp. 

Now, 10 years later, Brittany is about to get married to a successful doctor she can see herself having the family she is SO looking forward to have and the first place which comes to mind for the wedding is Summerhaven. That's the place she was most happy as a kid, so it's only natural getting married there. First step is booking a meeting with Mr. Haven to secure the date and details. She didn't get the "Mr. Haven" she expected.. Rory Haven have been managing the resort for the past 6 years. He might have had different ideas when he finished college but that's life..

Rory is shocked seeing the beautiful Britt, the one he had a crush on so many years ago, but alas, she is getting married and NOT to him. He is actually excited about having the first wedding on the resort, something he hoped to achieve one day so even though he isn't thrilled Britt won't be an option for him, he IS happy he is getting one step closer to his dreams. The ones he sort of left behind when he ran back home to manage the resort. There was no choice really, Ian have been dealing with addiction for years now. He and Tierney have been TRYING to help him out but it just won't work when HE isn't ready to make the steps needed to get better and Tierney is too introverted to manage a place in which she is SUPPOSE to interact with others..TOTALLY not her thing.. 

As they spend time together Rory and Britt realize two things on their own - First one being they are attracted to one another even though they shouldn't.. and second, Britt's fiance isn't who she should be marrying... From Rory's POV isn't because the doctor seems to not appreciate Britt enough, seeing all those little things Britt pushes aside as "not that relevant" yet from aside, and from someone who wishes she'd be his - he can't miss a thing. From Britt's POV things seem to fall apart between her and her fiance and she isn't even sure WHY. When everything collapses on her the only thing she could think to do is go back to Summerhaven and re-group. It also means being close to Rory quite a lot.. Rory can't complain about that but he also unsure about making a stand when Britt seems so hurt by everything that happened to her and it's not just the douche bag fiance..

I LOVED the romantic buildup between Rory and Britt it was always there even when it wasn't, it was slow and sweet and yet it had a constant pace that kept me "turning the pages" from start till finish without taking a break, literally gulping the whole book in one sitting. Rory was PERFECT for Britt just as much as she was perfect for him. They deserved each other, they needed one another and things couldn't have turned out better than they did. With what we got of Ian and Tierney I also can't wait till we got THEIR stories (not that long of a wait!) and also really enjoyed the supporting characters around the couple, mainly the sweet Mrs. Toffle!

I feel like I've said way too much about this one, but hopefully it was exactly what you needed to know to grab this one and enjoy it as much as I did!

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

This book is out Tomorrow 26 February 2018 - Pre-order it now through the links below.

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24 February 2018

The Summerhaven Trio is a Contemporary Romance (MF) series by Katy Regnery. It tells the romantic tale of the triplet - Rory, Ian and Tierney Haven. The three grew up in the exclusive Summerhaven camp (now turned into a convention center). Though they are united as siblings and a part of a triplet they are still single and looking to the love of their lives. 

Before the series was said and done, Katy surprised us with a final short novella of Finian - The triplet's cousin not only coming to Rory's wedding, but also finding his HEA as well. As was the previous ones - it was also a treat. 

All books in this series were sweet and endearing but it doesn't mean we they don't deal with real life issues which was heart breaking and great at the same time ;) I think the second was my favorite maybe because identifying with Tierney was too easy for me :)

1. Fighting Irish [Rory Haven & Brittany "Britt" Manion(Published 26 February 2018)
2. Smiling Irish [Tierney Haven & Burr O’Leary] (Published 3 April 2018)
3. Loving Irish [Ian Haven & Halcyon "Hallie" Gilbert] (Published 26 June 2018)
4. Catching Irish [Finian Kelley & Tate Jennings] (Published 20 August 2018) ★½

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